UFO Sighting July 3, 09 Lake Havasu City, AZ By Mark Preston

YouTube user ozzyvanhalenrox posted this interesting UFO footage, claiming it was recorded July 3rd, 2009 near Lake Havasu City, AZ.

Interestingly, this would have been the day before the largest recent UFO flap over the United States in recent years, the July 4th 2009 mass UFO sightings that spanned a dozen states and hundreds of witnesses.

I messaged ozzyvanhalenrox through YouTube, requesting an interview and have not heard back.

Thanks to MH for tipping me off to this video.

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4 thoughts on “UFO Sighting July 3, 09 Lake Havasu City, AZ By Mark Preston

  1. These were UFO balloons lost by a local promoter in Havasu the weekend of the 4th of July…Had me fooled for about 1 minute as I observed it floating above Lake Havasu State Park.

  2. LOL! This was on Fact or Faked last night. It was a freakin’ UFO looking balloon. The State Ranger’s office got a call and went to the parking lot and there it was. Apparently from some movie filming in the area.

    So… Faked.

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