UFOs Over North East 1968/1969

The following sighting was submitted as a comment on Orange UFOs Over Pennsylvania – July 4th 2009 Update.

Myself and about 10 others saw the same pattern over NY in 1968/69. I was age 12 or 13. We were in Connecticut standing outside a Community Center Building. It was about a half hour after dark. We saw 11 or 12 lighted dots at about 40 degrees above the horizon. They were moving from the Long Island area South. The dots held formation except for 2 toward the rear that appeared to swap position. I have reported this event one other time ten years ago on an online UFO registry. Very interesting to see this formation posted here.
The Community Center, mentioned above, had bands play on saturday night. This was a non-alcohol youth dance. The other witnesses were ages 11 to 14 at the time.

Even More Orange Balls Of Light

What the hell is going on?

Since July 3rd of this year, we have had so many reports of unidentified orange balls of light (we like to call them ORBLs) that we’ve lost track.
Actually, dating back to July 4rd 2009 over Bethlehem Pennsylvania.

Many have been left in the comments

Just saw the exact same thing about an hour ago here in Sioux Falls, SD. Witnessed about 12 light, no more than 3 at a time. They rose brightly from my E-NE, moved in a westerly direction and then diminished as if they were moving away from me towards the north. This went on for 20 minutes after i first noticed them.
August 6th, 2010 at 1:00 am edit

Others come in on the Whales In Space contact form

Last night 01/08/10 my husband and i aw 3 bright orange lights over Langdon
Hills in Basildon.They all came individually from north west in staight
line to north one at a time faded then dissapeared at exactly the same
spot. was cloudy no sound. about 9.30pm

From Beatrice Nebraska, Prairielle, Louisiana, and Warrens, Wisconsin.

We’ve discussed the possible explanation of Chinese Lanterns, and while some of these objects may have been airborne lanterns, there is no way that all these objects, from around the US and England, are all Chinese lanterns. It has also been suggested that the ORBL were nothing more than the international space station and other satellites, but some of the formations and behaviors of the objects seen don’t match the set flight paths of passing satellites (it was nice of NASA to offer that explanation).

And what do I think they are? I don’t know. I’m still pushing the giant flying bioluminescent dinosaurs theory, but even that doesn’t match all the descriptions.

Chinese Lanterns Could Explain Some But Not All Orange UFO Reports

For the second July 4th in a row, massive numbers of sightings of Orange Ball of Light UFOs have been reported. Sightings from Beatrice, New England to Long Beach, California, and just about everywhere in between.

Last year, we asked What Did People See In The Sky July 4th 2009? and briefly discussed the possibility of orange Chinese Lanterns being the source of some of the reports and I suggested that the Orange Light UFOs are actually bioluminescent pterodactyls, a theory that didn’t really catch on.

July 3rd 2010 picked up where we left off last year, with a burst of ORBL sigthings with many more on July 4th.

We received this email from a reader a day after he submitted a report of ORBLs over Connecticut
on July 3rd 2010

I posted last night the sighting of orange light formation in the area of Lime Rock CT.
Today, still intrigued by what we witnessed last night, I asked a few people who live around us if they had seen the same orange light after the fireworks. And yes, a few had seen them, but did not know what it was.

Then, I finally ran into someone who had an explanation.

Yes – Chinese Lanterns. Big ones! 3 to 4 ft tall ones…..orange ones!

This person had found one in a field after it had fallen. You can see videos on Youtube about Chinese Lantern.

These Chinese Lanterns looked like the orange we saw last night.

It makes sense. The lantern would first take off in one large group – would spread out with the wind – some hovering, then fading as the flame within them would burn out and disappear into the night.

It is also not a coincidence that these sightings would appear on New Year’s eve or celebration such as the 4th of July. It is just another form of Fireworks.

We were strangely disappointed when we got an explanation to our mystery, as after reading similar sighting online, we were so excited to have finally witnessed what may have been the presence of UFO. But, once we were told by this person they found a large Chinese lantern after it burned out, we unfortunately came to the conclusion that these orange lights were not related to UFO but simply Chinese Lanterns.

We will continue to scan the sky for real sightings. I hope this helps others understanding what they may have seen.

Chinese Lanterns could explain some but not all July 4th 2010 Orange UFO reports.

One of the several reports from Long Beach, CA reported “a disked shape to me with orange in the sides and it was rotating. It had a light on the top that flickered on and off.”

That doesn’t sound like a Chinese Lantern.

Other reports have the lights moving in formations that could be Chinese Lanterns bound together.

Orange Ball Of Light UFOs Over Pennsylvania

More Orange Ball Of Light sightings

I just saw the same thing in easton Pennsylvania on july 3rd 2010 it didnt seem like they were moving at first until I acutally stopped to look at them nd notice that they were moving in a loose formation with a big group in the front nd a small group in the back

Orange Balls Of Light Over Russellville Arkansas

OK This is July 3rd 2010 and my self and 3 other people just watched a couple of orange balls cross through the sky and then fade. I was sent the link to this site after posted what I seen to facebook. Really weird. I am in Russellville Ar.

Whales In Space Two Year Anniversary

Its our two year Anniversary!!!
Another weird year has gone by, over 200 posts for our second year.

Our second year started with a bang, with the massive, yet generally unreported, worldwide July 4th 2009 UFO flap. The July 4th Orange Balls of Light were followed quickly by Mike Rowley’s Northport Devil. The phenomenon were first reported in April of 2009, but we didn’t pick up the story until mid August. Sights continue on Rowley’s property today.

In September, guest journalist Ashley Weller covered the The Galactic Gathering’ Conference from Denver, Colorado, including insight on talks by Sheldan Nidle and the always controversial Stan Romanek.

In November, we covered the Bigfoot Central $1,000,000 Hunt for Bigfoot that was to be held near Silverton, Colorado, July 10-14, 2010 which later turned out to be a bust.

The Spiral UFO Over Norway hogged the weird news in December and the new year brought a werewolf sighting in the always weird Cannock Chase and bringing us that much closer to the much anticipated return of Nibiru in 2012.

The spring brought us Mystery Booms reported in Colchester IL, Portland OR, and Bellingham WA and more Sasquatchploitation than we could follow.

And what to expect from the 3rd Year of Whales In Space?

I expect 2012 weirdness to continue to ramp up, more Orange Balls of Light, more bigfoot, some unidentified dead creatures and I’m sure some weirdness I couldn’t come up…

Hang on, there is more weird coming!