Hull UK UFO Sightings – 31st August 2009

A rash of Orange Ball of Lights (ORBL) sightings from the UK on August 31st from over Hull, then London, Bracknell, Barking, Essex and Portsmouth.

Location of Sighting: Hull
Date of Sighting: 31st August 2009
Time: 1:00am
Witness Name: John

Witness Statement: A single bright orange (almost fireball without the flames) object floating over the hull city centre last night, 1am 31st august 2009?
4 of us had observed this (so not alcohol induced!), very strange object no shape other than ball, cloud cover suggests not very high, moving relatively slow, bright orange (street lamp colour) moving approx. sse to nnw.


Of course someone in the comments, had to bring up Chinese Lantern Theory (CLT) or as I like to call it, the Orange Balls of Light Chinese Lantern Theory (ORBLCLT).

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2 thoughts on “Hull UK UFO Sightings – 31st August 2009

  1. yes I’ve seen one was amazing and I’ll never forget it.. we saw one in 1993 and there were 7 winesses it wasn’t a chinese lantern or balloon or helicopter or plane or anything like that it wasn’t a bird or a sattelite was so odd! .. and the way this thing moved was unbeleivable but we saw it!..and the colour and description you gave was exactly the same as ours..almost like a bright orangey wandering star. ..or a street lamp that’s gone wandering..??
    A definte UFO..and I’d love to know what they are..I’m always researching in the hopes that one day they will land and people wil have proof of what they are.

    regards from cathy

  2. Hi John / Hi Cathy
    On returning from LLandudno Saturday 21st September 2009 around 9pm whilst travelling on the dual carriageway heading for the motorway towards Manchester and reasonably near to Chester we saw a spectacular sight – there were about 40 of these orange ball lights all spaced out as if in formation – they were quite low down and travelling from the direction of the river Mersey towards our location then began gaining height at a constant steady speed, slowly disappearing into the clouds. My husband and I stopped at a lay-by and managed to get a better look through the binoculars from the boot of our car. They certainly weren’t air balloons as the lights did not flicker, not planes, not helicopters, weather balloons
    or birds. When each one reached the clouds there was no light reflecting on the clouds which does happen with planes. As we were stopped other vehicles did the same and the traffic slowed right down. We were stopped for about 20 minutes and were lucky enough to have two spells of a gap in the traffic which lasted around 5 – 6 seconds which gave us the opportunity to listen for the sound coming from them but there was none, just total silence.
    We cannot believe that so far we haven’t managed to see anything on the news or in the papers about this as it was such a fantastic sight with so many appearing at once.
    Perhaps something has been said and we missed it but as you can see I’ve been periodically looking on the internet which is how I found your statements which perfectly matched the description of what mu husband and I both witnessed.
    Even if someday an easy explanation comes forth I’ll never forget the amazement, wonder and disbelief of what I and many others saw that night.
    I can’t stop looking at the skies in the hope it repeats itself………..Karen & Hubby, Roy xx

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