Human Goat Hybrid Faun Born In Lower Gweru, Zimbabwe

Reports from Lower Gweru, Zimbabwe claim a 1/2 human 1/2 goat ‘faun’ was born in the Midlands Province to a farmer in a small village sometime last week.

The new born baby is described as having a human head, face, nose, shoulders and human-like skin that had very scanty furs, but with goat features from the “shoulders” to the legs.

Midlands Governor and Resident Minister Jason Machaya, police and the media have already been to see the faun. Machaya’s statements imply he believes the unusual little creature is the result of a man having sex with the goat.

“This incident is very shocking. It is my first time to see such an evil thing. It is really embarrassing. The head belongs to a man while the body is that of a goat. This is evident that an adult human being was responsible. Evil powers caused this person to lose self control.

We often hear cases of human beings who commit bestiality but this is the first time for such an act to produce a product with human features.”
Midlands Governor and Resident Minister Jason Machaya

I think any self respecting geneticist would tell you it isn’t possible to cross human and goat DNA in that fashion.

The term faun refers to a creature from Roman mythology who were said to be human from the waist up and goat from the waist down.

In February of this year, we posted a story about attempts to cross human and animal DNA in a controlled experiment and the problems that were encountered.

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