Chinese Scientists Video UFOs

Chinese scientists at the Purple Mountain Observatory in Nanjing have confirmed that they filmed a UFO during the July 22nd 2009 eclipse for 40 minutes. They plan to study the video for the next 12 months.

The Purple Mountain Observatory (Chinese: 紫金山天文台; pinyin: Zĭjīnshān Tiānwéntái), also known as Zijinshan Astronomical Observatory, is an astronomical observatory located on the Purple Mountain in Nanjing, China. It is known for its discoveries of the periodic comets 60P/Tsuchinshan and 62P/Tsuchinshan, and also the non-periodic C/1977 V1 (Tsuchinshan), also known as Comet 1977 X and the Trojan asteroids 2223 Sarpedon, 2260 Neoptolemus, 2363 Cebriones, 2456 Palamedes, as well as the eponymous 3494 Purple Mountain.

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2 thoughts on “Chinese Scientists Video UFOs

  1. Do u think 2012 with the mahyans countdown calender has anything to do with ufos ? I keep dreamin of the year 2012 with everyone talkin about mayhans and ufos???? Please email me and tell me ur honest thoughts. Nic

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