UFO Report From Thundersley Essex SS7 – Sept 19, 2009

Posted to our Contact Form last night, a report of unidentified orange lights from Thundersley Essex SS7, UK, about 40 east of London, from around 11:50 PM on September 19th, 2009.

Hi tonight we aw at approx 11/50pm

then 2 togther
then 1

very bright lights moving right to let on our west facing garden woth no noise thern simply dissapearing as far as we could see, there were 4 of us and we can all see these at the same time. totally unexplained as there was no noise at all and very cloudy, please let me kknow your thoughts on this.

No doubt chinese lanterns will be brought up to explain the sighting, but while they may explain some of these Orange Ball Of Light (ORBL) type sighings, we have discussed before the various problems with crediting lanterns with all of the ORBL reports that have swamped UFO sites in the last several years.

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3 thoughts on “UFO Report From Thundersley Essex SS7 – Sept 19, 2009

  1. heres a fucked up thought, this object on the same day was seen in ohio, Connecticut, Mass, New York and even Toronto, but it was in the eastern sky. Here we have people in essex saying it was in the western sky, which pinpoints the object to being over the alantic

  2. my husband and i were walking home from our sons house last night at about 9.40 and we saw the thing.we thought it was a bit spooky.basildon essex

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