From The Galactic Gathering Conference: First Contact is Imminent

From ‘The Galactic Gathering’ Conference: “First Contact is Imminent”
The Institute for the Study of Galactic Civilizations (ISGC) just wrapped up an enlightening weekend with speakers presenting evidence for the extraterrestrial presence and its influence on science, wars, religions, and the future of our civilization. Held in Denver, Colorado, ‘The Galactic Gathering: A Conference on Extraterrestrial Civilizations’ showcased scientists and former professors, as well as ET researchers and ‘experiencers.’

The overwhelming message from the conference: we are not alone, formal contact is imminent, and we have nothing to fear.

By imminent, these speakers mean very, very soon. Weeks and months, they’re saying. And by contact, they mean formal contact with Earth.

Sheldan Nidle, a featured speaker with over sixty years of contact with the Sirians and the Galactic Federation of Light, believes we’re on the verge of creating our own galactic society and our own star nation. “First contact is imminent and the major turning point in human history,” he said. For someone who claims to have been taken aboard a Sirian ship as a child, and taught the complete history of planet Earth from Lemuria to the present—in 3D holographic form—perhaps he knows something about turning points.

Earlier in the weekend Dr. Arthur David Horn spoke about the archeological, mythological and anthropological evidence for humanity’s extraterrestrial origins. Formerly a staunch Darwinist and tenured Colorado State University anthropology professor, Horn resigned from CSU to devote the past 19 years to the study of human origins.

Succinctly and comprehensively, Horn presented the ‘alternative theory’ that human evolution was genetically engineered by a reptilian race. The reptilians have manipulated perceptions of world history and seek to hold power over humankind through their influence over an elite and powerful group of humans, known as the Illuminati. To keep humankind in fear and under their control, the Illuminati have gone to great lengths to implement falsifying belief systems, specifically Christianity and materialistic science.

At one point, he apologized to his former students for teaching evolution and hopes he “didn’t damage his students too much.” Then again, Horn also said not to take him seriously about anything, and that he “hates talking about this crap.”

Rainbow Eagle, an Okla-Choctaw American Indian Wisdom Keeper, expounded upon the undeniable influence on North and South American indigenous peoples by sharing legends about the extraterrestrial ‘seeding’ of native cultures, as well as the prophesies of the shift into a 5th world of illumination and the return of the “feathered serpent”— in other words, the unveiling of new information.

While most of the 300 attendees were what he calls “UFO’ers” or the “knowers,” Dr. Leo Sprinkle said, “The public is being told there is a ‘controversy’ about the ET presence. There is no controversy.” A pioneer in UFO contactee research, Dr. Sprinkle went on to say that the average ET ‘experiencer’ is more scientific-minded than the average professional scientist. The evidence goes just as far as each of us is willing to accept.

The media, the government (including NASA…’Never A Straight Answer’) and those who wittingly and unwittingly work for the Illuminati have been involved in this centuries-old cover-up. Rick Nelson, moderator of the conference panels and member of ISGC, gave this advice: “It is time to find your best source of information that doesn’t have an economic objective. Be open-minded, inquisitive, discerning, intuitive, skeptical and alert.”

If there were any skeptics left in the room on the second day, perhaps they were persuaded by Stan Romanek’s story. Described as having an “electromagnetic personality,” Stan is quite possibly the most scientifically documented contactee case in the world with over one hundred unique experiences that defy our current understanding of reality. Witnesses, photographs, videotapes, physical evidence, police reports and scientific analysis confirm the validity of these experiences. In his sleep and during hypnotic regression, Stan composes highly sophisticated physics equations pertaining to space and time—scientists from top universities have been analyzing these for years with incredible results. If you’re reading this and you’ve haven’t seen the evidence, visit his site and watch the videos. It’s extraordinary.

(Apparently, someone else thought it was extraordinary, too. The night before Stan’s presentation, his room was broken into and ransacked. Extra security precautions had to be taken because of a bomb threat to the conference. Stan is routinely harassed and told to shut up.)

Other speakers included Dr. Norma Milanovich talking about her contact with the Arturians and Wendalle Stevens on his experiences with the Pleidians. Former aerospace engineer Ron Regehr presented the bewildering evidence for Hopi and Anasazi relations with an advanced extraterrestrial civilization in Chaco Canyon, New Mexico and the greater Southwest.

While the planet and humanity struggle at this critical point, all speakers stressed that we should be optimistic about our future, that the Earth supports us, and that extraterrestrials are aiding us as we make the quantum shift into fully conscious human beings as part of a galactic society. They emphasized that each of us needs to work on controlling our minds and emotions, and live with integrity, compassion and love. No ET civilization is going to save us, nor destroy us. We have the choice.

Many times Rainbow Eagle repeated, “We can manage all energies.” Other speakers echoed this statement—we need to become aware of our fears and how fears control us.

At this conference, there was no separation between the subjects of ET phenomena and metaphysics and spirituality. The implications of the new sciences, physics and astronomy point to a universe made of pure consciousness. We have to know ourselves to know our neighbors.

“We’re all one. We’re all going the same direction,” said Nidle. “The New World Order is technically dead. The old reality is no longer relevant. We can control who or what we are. The future of our planet is consciousness.”

Stan Romanek

Rainbow Eagle

Wendelle Stevens

Sheldan Nidle

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