African Human Goat Hyrbid Update

Reports from Lower Gweru, Zimbabwe claim a 1/2 human 1/2 goat ‘faun’ was born in the Midlands Province to a farmer in a small village sometime in early September.

The term faun refers to a creature from Roman mythology who were said to be human from the waist up and goat from the waist down.

Now an investigation by a government officials, led by Governor Jason Machaya has determined the creature was just that, part-man, part-goat.

“The head belonged to a human but the body belonged to a goat!”

The creature that died moments after being born resembled a human above the shoulders, possibly a baby suffering from hydrocephalus, also known as water on the brain, but below that had goat like features.

The creature has since been cremated.

The human goat hybrid was born to a normal goat owned by Nyoni, who owns 15 other goats and has never had a mutant goat man born to his herd before.

A February 2009 article on claimed scientists in Russia and Belarus were creating human goat hyrbids through genetic splicing to create goats that produced human breast milk.

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