“Area Code 78728, Nov. 9 2013, 5:30pm Black Balloon Cluster”

Received November 10th, 2013.

Area Code 78728, Nov. 9 2013, 5:30pm Black Balloon Cluster

I feel lucky to have _finally_ been able to make sense of the bizarre daylight ufo I glimpsed briefly yesterday but had no opportunity to examine through more careful observation at the time. Thanks for providing this clearinghouse which enlightened me to the apparent cultural phenomenon wherein a cluster of black helium balloons is released. Only this explains perfectly what I saw, which I had been describing as a loose collection of about a dozen vaguely triangular shapes black in color seemingly “swarming” in a random ‘furball’ (an aviation term) high in the sky, perhaps at 5000 ft. estimated altitude. I had begun to wonder how I was going to possibly explain what I saw.

We have never implied that the Black Balloon Cluster UFOs are ‘black helium balloons’.

I believe ‘Area Code 78728’ is referring to zip code 78728, which would put this sighting somewhere over Austin Texas on November 9th, 2013.

This may be the same object reported in this MUFON case, except the MUFON report is almost 350 miles south of Austin.

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New Black Balloon Cluster Sighting From 2004 – Skyway WA

On a warm and clear evening in the summer of 2004, three individuals were on 125th Street South in Skyway, Washington when they saw an unidentified object approximately 200 feet away, across the street and across a parking lot. Skyway is about 12 miles south of Seattle.

Map supplied by witness of black balloon cluster UFO

The object’s description matches that of previously reported black balloon cluster UFOs.

The object was only several feet off the ground and described as moving very smoothly. They watched for several minutes before the object floated away.

While not limited to Western Washington, the majority of the sighting so far have taken place in the Pacific Northwest.

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Multiple Encounters 'With Black Balloon Object'

Whales In Space is big fans of the black balloon and black balloon cluster UFOs, so we are always excited to hear of a new sighting.

I have had first hand experience with this ” black balloon ” object. The first time I saw it was in 2004, I reported it to
http://www.nuforc.org , here is the link

Multiple helicopters and planes have been dispatched to the exact location of the sighting, within a span of 20 minutes or so. Yet it’s never in the news.

Not good, all I’m going to say about this thing is that it’s not a balloon, but rather a portal of some sort. Things go into it and things have come out.

The original sighting was reported as

Occurred : 6/24/2004 20:45 (Entered as : 6-24-04 20:45)
Reported: 6/25/2004 6:48:59 AM 06:48
Posted: 7/8/2004
Location: Englewood, NJ
Shape: Oval
Duration:90 sec

So what are the unconventional flying objects?

As suggested, possibly portals to somewhere/somewhen else? So what the heck is going on when they ‘cluster’ as reported in some sightings?

Clusters of portals?

Seriously weird.

What we do know for sure is these are widely unreported because they don’t fit into the classic UFO or mysterious lights sightings. People think you are crazy if you say you say a saucer or an orb, but what do they think when you tell them you say an unidentified black hole floating in the sky?

Black Balloon Cluster UFOs Over Portland OR

Black Balloon Cluster UFOs
Black Balloon Cluster UFOs Look Something Like This

Submitted to the Whales In Space Contact Form, two sightings of Black Balloon Cluster UFOs describing a cluster of black spheres that appear to be connected hoovering in the sky over Portland Oregon in 2006. The second sighting has an interesting twist, as a ‘circular/triangular chassis which was light greyish color’ could be seen in the center of the object, seemly holding the spheres together.

This object matches a report from Olympia WA from February 2009, another from a retired USAF Intel serviceman from 1996, and more sightings from May of 2009.

I have never seen UFO’S before. But back in October 2006 I looked out my
bedroom window at about 3 pm, and saw what looked like a cluster of black
spheres about 2,000 to 5,000 feet high, just hovering over a field near my
house (community gardens). The spheres were connected together into one
unit, It seemed small, like 5 to 10 feet diameter at most. The object did
not move the entire time I watched it. I observed it for about 3 hours,
until sunset when I could not see it anymore.

Strangely enough, later on in December 2006, I saw the same object in
almost the same location — just stationary, no movements. It seemed a
little bit lower, maybe 2,000 feet. I was at the intersection of Southeast
57th ave, and Southeast Ogden street, near the Brentwood Community Gardens
in southeast Portland. I went outside and I looked up when I was directly
under the object and it seemed to be a circular/triangular chassis which
was light greyish color which held the spheres together.

I had no explanation for what I saw. I don’t know if it was some sort of
observation drone or a “craft” or what. I really would be interested in
clarification, and this is the first time I have told my story. But I can
venture to speculate that a lot of other people must have seen this thing.

Near the intersection at SE 57th and Ogden St., next to the community gardens, there is a 115 foot tall white steel monopole cellular tower, operated by AT&T. The object I saw, in both seperate instances, was directly over that intersection — and roughly 2,000 feet or more up. I don’t know if this had any significance or not, but it struck me as odd.

Black Hole UFO Seen Over Berkshire, UK

On the morning of Monday, September 28th, a Berkshire, UK resident saw a black balloon UFO hanging in the grey English sky.

I was taking my Daughter to work about 8am in the morning with a dusky daytime light, and above a house around the corner from us was a black perfect circle, not balloon shaped or with any kind of visible string. We sat and looked for a few minuets and it didn’t seem to move at all, and was a really dense black, we both thought we could explain it after watching but we couldn’t. I took this attached picture from my landing window when I got home, it was gone when I looked again at 10am.

Also friend of mine whos garden I tidy nearby mentioned it to me first on the following Friday & said she’d seen another from out of her front window which was larger.

The photograph of the object she mentioned is below.

Black Hole Balloon UFO Over Berkshire, UK
Black Hole Balloon UFO Over Berkshire, UK

The photo and description match other black balloon cluster and black balloon hole UFO sightings that have been reported on Whales In Space.

Whales In Space One Year Anniversary

Its been one year since WhalesInSpace.com launched in its current format and what a year in the world of weirdness it has been.

Highlights would have to be the Tom Biscardi’s RickMat Bigfoot Press Conference and when it was revealed to be a hoax. Whales In Space was able to get a reporter to the conference and cover the event as it happened. I still think there is more to this story that was never discussed, except in the private conversations between cryptozoologists and and those who pay very close attention to these things. Also the Blossom Goodchild October 14th UFO prediction stands out as one of the most interesting stories of Whales In Space’s first year.

The February 15th Texas Fireball caught on video and the amazing number of other Fireball sightings and mysterious sonic booms before and after wards also caught the worlds attention.

Also in the first year, we saw the rise of sasquatchploitation, multiple black balloon cluster UFO sightins, two Montauk Monsters and the possible return of batsquatch or at least some clarification to the story.

And still going one, with reports still coming in, the Orange Ball of Light (ORBL) sightings over the UK. If these are just chinese lanterns, I would suggest buying some stock in a chinese lantern company, because sales are up.

A big thanks to everyone who read a post, who made a comment, who sent in photos and stories and tips. A big thanks to everyone who linked to our site.

In the first year we had 200 posts exploring the weirdness of aliens, UFOs, exopolitics, cryptozoology, other paranormal fortean phenomenon, and ultraterrestrial activities. I expect the next year to bring weirder yet stories.