Stan Romanek’s Room Broken Into At the ‘Galactic Gathering’ Conference

Wherever he goes, Stan Romanek has no problems attracting attention—from ET’s, critics, physicists, Ufologists, the media… and unidentified men who routinely harass and follow him around.

At last month’s ‘Galactic Gathering,’ a conference on extraterrestrial civilizations sponsored by The Institute for the Study of Galactic Civilizations, Romanek’s room was broken into the night before his presentation.

“What people don’t understand is just how much we’re being watched,” Romanek said. “We were staying in our friend’s house and ‘they’ only messed with our room. They jimmied the lock, ruined the door, flipped the mattress—but they didn’t take anything. All the police found was a piece of leather they thought might have come from a glove that had gotten caught.”

“Absolutely, they targeted our room,” he said.

Besides the break-in and Romanek’s electrifying presentation, the ‘Galactic Gathering’ generated other excitement: bomb threats were made prior to the conference. And during Romanek’s talk, the audio system—as well as power throughout the convention center—shut down amidst what ISGC members called “weird circumstances.”

At the conference, Romanek showed pictures and video of the routine harassment and surveillance that he has been under for the past few years, which began shortly after his first contact in 2001.

“We have lots of physical evidence that they are targeting us…police records, pictures, video of black military helicopters,” Romanek said. “The first time we found out about the surveillance, the phone company called and told us we had an illegal tap on our phones. We’ve found listening devices. They’ve gotten into our computers, taken our security codes, broke into our YouTube and website accounts. Everyone involved with my case has been followed.”

“I’ve been beat up and told to ‘shut up,’” he said.

Romanek believes his unique extraterrestrial experiences—and his unwillingness to keep quiet about them—have attracted the unwanted attention of the ‘they.’

“Is this some nut job? No. I don’t think so…this is high-profile surveillance. It takes a lot of money to do this.”

“They are afraid,” he said. “The only reason that I can think that they’re targeting me is that they have back-engineered technology and someone’s making money off of it…the oil companies or someone. If free energy becomes available, they lose out.”

“Someone’s got to get this information out,” Romanek said. “It needs to be shared. And I’m not going to shut up.”

For more information on Stan’s case, check out his website and read his new book, Messages.

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