1,000ft Long UFOs Over Lancashire

The Lancashire Evening Post has an interview and article with Jason Robinson, a 34 year old former ‘air defender’ who saw four mysterious craft in the distance while out walking his dog on Monday October 12th near his home in Threefields, Tanterton.

The father of 3 states that as part of his military training he can ‘recognise military planes and civilian planes’ and these were nothing he had seen before.

“I had to know every plane and they were definitely not what we had. We all witnessed that the traffic in the sky above where they were was horrendous. You’d never see that anywhere.

There must have been other people who saw them because they were huge. If you go off the size of a plane, say 60 feet wide. These must have been at least 1,000 feet – that’s how big they were.

It doesn’t look big on there (the phone camera screen) but you can’t even see the planes on there – that’s how big these are to them. You can’t come out with ‘they’re Chinese lanterns.”

Two of his sons, Samuel and Joseph, his girlfriend Tara Hughes, 32, and her mother Joan also witnessed the UFOs.

Robison claims the UFOs were then surrounded by 15 to 20 planes and 4 military helicopters.

Robison says he has video footage where a saucer shaped craft is visible, but has not release the video yet.

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