UFO Impact Leaves Crater In Latvia

Reports are that an unidentified flying object crashed into the earth near Mazsalaca Latvia, Sunday October 25th.

The impact left a crater over 30 feet deep and 65 feet across.

North Vidzeme Biosphere Reserve geologist Dainis Ozols has suggested that the crater maybe a man made fake. He has already inspected the crash site and says the hole was artificially created and potassium nitrate and sulphur were burned there after wards as a prank or hoax.

CNN, oddly seems hesitant to declare it a meteor and labels it ‘meteorite-like ‘.

Uldis Nulle of the head of geology department Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Center believes the object was a meteor that struck the earth at a near 90 degree angle.

Reports from the area also report a small fire in the grass around the crater and the smell of burning sulphur even six hours after the reported impact.

www.russiatoday.com reports even more on the story, claiming the object struck the earth on Sunday night and that dangers of radiation from the site may slow the investigation. They suggest the object maybe a meteor, possibly a piece of spacecraft debris and even hint it may be something else.

Reports of a streak fire in the night sky and a low buzzing noise were reported from Northern Latvia.

More scientists are on their way to inspect the carter.

Sky News Online has some great footage of approaching the impact site on foot.

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