Orange Ball Of Light UFO Over Kelvedon Essex

This report of an ORBL (Orange Ball of Light) UFO was posted on as a comment on Orange Orbs Over Essex – June 26th 2009.

i live in kelvedon essex i was just out in the garden when i saw a bright orange light the date is 26th of october 2009 and time 19:45 andat first i thought it to be a firework then realised it was something ealse i watched it for a couple of mins there was no noise it move straight up slowly then made an instant 90 degree turn and slowly faded out i cant explain what it was!!!!!

Kelvedon is a village and civil parish in Essex, England, near to the town of Witham.

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4 thoughts on “Orange Ball Of Light UFO Over Kelvedon Essex

  1. My wife, 2 friends and me have just seen 2 large glowing orange balls of light in the sky. Both balls of light seemed to drop splinters of light. This happened tonight 2/1/10 at about 10:10pm over our house in kelvedon hatch, brentwood. They both flew over within about 5 minuits of each other.

  2. we’ve seen at 8:06 pm on sunday the 31 of january 2010 one bright orange object flying straight. we first thougt that was a satellite (me, my griflriend and a friend) but because of the Constant speed, middle attitude( we could see an other plane flying higher in the opposite sense). That was on the Chelmsford sky.

  3. One night I was waiting for my dad to come in to the car and I saw a ball of light slowly traveling across the sky it was goin way to fast to be a satellite and was way too high to be a plane it was really large as well and my dad saw it to it was up in the sky going in a straight line for about a minute and then slowly got dimmer and soon turned blue stopped and was gone. It was very freaky and my dad said hes seen something like that before it looked the same and then 2 more appeared and they started fading and dis appeared.

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