Orange Ball of Light UFO Sighting Over Lincolnshire UK November 20th 2009

More ORBL (Orange Ball of Light) reports from Lincolnshire UK.  The report was left as a comment on a previous post from January of 2009.

On Nov 20th 2009 my husband and I saw 5 glowing orange balls of light over a nearby cemetery. It is the second time we have seen them this month. They are noiseless and move very fast before disappearing into far distance.

I asked for any additional information. They explained the weather was fine and sky was clear. They were in their back garden which overlooks a cemetery so sky is very dark and added that five minutes after the sighting a military like jet was in the same area, but ‘objects were already gone.

“These could in no way be chinese lanterns as it was quite windy and they were moving straight.”

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3 thoughts on “Orange Ball of Light UFO Sighting Over Lincolnshire UK November 20th 2009

  1. I wonder if The Aliens Are Bi Sexual Cos Me & My Staff at Mt’s Motorcycles Doncaster Like _______ Aliens HAHA, Were all Mad & Totally GAY!!!

  2. I’ve just seen something very similar, about6pm this evening, half a dozen orange, flare light lights flying over hull, totally silent and flying about same height as helicopter. flying level and fairly quick and then gone! It’s totally puzzled me! Any explanations???

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