UK Ministry of Defence UFO Hotline Shuts Down

The MOD doesnt want your UFO stories
The MOD doesn't want your UFO stories

After over 50 years and more than 11,000 reported sightings, the British Ministry of Defence UFO Hotline has shut down.

The a message on the hotline number says “Please note it is no longer MoD policy to record, respond to, or investigate UFO sightings.”

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And its not just the hotline, it seems to be the whole project is shut down. A recent statement reads:
“The MoD has no opinion on the existence or otherwise of extra-terrestrial life. However, in over 50 years, no UFO report has revealed any evidence of a potential threat to the United Kingdom.”

Check out UK UFO stories on Whales In Space, maybe the MOD should check out those posts.

Whales In Space will still take your UFO stories. Call them in at 571-24WEIRD.

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