Colorado's Cattle Rustlers From The Sky

We had previously posted concerning Manuel Sanchez’s recent problems with four of his calves being found dead, mutilated with no signs of human attackers or animal tracks. The Denver Post has a new video and story, with Sanchez describing the situation a bit.

The remains of a calf killed on Manuel Sanchez's ranch show the killer's odd predilection for entrails. (Photo courtesy of Chuck Zukowski)

Cattle mutilations in this area are nothing new.
Sanchez and other local ranchers Tom Miller and Mike Duran, who found a sliced Red Angus cow near Weston in March, have all experienced similar mutilations before. Sanchez lost cows in 2006 and 1993, Miller in 1997 and 1980, and Duran in 2000 and 1995.

“It’s weird and unexplainable,” says Duran, who lost a healthy 27-year-old Red Angus cow on March 8, her udder and rear end removed with what he describes as “laser cuts, like when somebody cuts metal with a torch.”

Sanchez, described as a “salt-of-the-earth-type fellow”, who put three kids through college ranching, says he and his wife witnessed incandescent blue lights hovering over a ridge near his pastures last July and August. He declined to speculate about the lights.

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