Hubble Finds Space Jellyfish

A new batch of 30 photographs have been released from the Hubble telescope of the Orion Nebula, among them is one astronomers called a “space jellyfish.” They say its odd shape is created by shock waves that form when a wind of particles from a nearby massive star collides with the material of the proplyd or protoplanetary discs.

Or maybe they are the big uncles of the proposed Atmospheric Beasts that are said to inhabit our atmosphere, fragile and lightweight creatures floating around, sometime mistaken for alien ships.

The possibility of the existence of Atmospheric Beasts add a wonderful layer to UFO sightings, as there have reports of flying jellyfish like UFOs, as recent as the May 9th sighting over Lichfield, Staffordshire UK and a classic 1977 report from Petrosavodsk, Russian which had multiple witnesses and a photo that was published in Pravda. Also lumped in to this category of UFO are the sky snake/eel/whales/dragon descriptions of unknown objects in our skies. Like the 1891 Crawfordsville monster, these are sometimes said to ‘flap’ and slither through the sky, like so much like jellyfish.

Could be Atmospheric Beasts be the distant children of proplyds, escaped from a distant Nebula, somehow captured in the Earth’s atmosphere?

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