Bigfoot Lunch Club Uses Pants Detecting Technology To Dismiss Recent Minnesota Bigfoot Trailcam Photo

In a recent post, the Bigfoot Lunch Club takes the time to analyze a recent alleged Bigfoot photo that was taken taken at 7:20 pm, on October 24, 2009, on a rainy night, by a game trail camera in woods north of Remer, Minnesota. Remer is tiny little town in Eastern Minnesota that boasts the World’s Largest Eagle statue and a population of under 400.

Kim Kedrowski and his brother Casey Kedrowski claim to be the only ones who knew where the camera was set up. After examining the trees near the creature in the photo, they have determined the creature is over 7 feet tall.

BFL went after the photo with a litte ‘inverse colors’ action and found some interesting results concerning the hand/glove and the following:

More revealing to us though is how the “skin” seems to hang, wrinkle and sag. Unlike the Bigfoot in the Patterson/Gimlin, this one seems to need a tailor. If you are wearing pants and look at back of your leg while bending your knee, you’ll notice a eye/almond shape produced by the fabric bunching up above and below the back of your knee. This occurs in when you bend at your elbow too. These very specific “eye” shapes can be seen in the photo above. The left leg tapers to evenly, like a pair of slacks without any revealing musculature. Finally their is an undeniable baggy sagging and in the butt region.

Read the full post at Arriving late to the Minnesota Bigfoot Party from Bigfoot Lunch Club.

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6 thoughts on “Bigfoot Lunch Club Uses Pants Detecting Technology To Dismiss Recent Minnesota Bigfoot Trailcam Photo

  1. I love this title, I wish I would have thought of of it myself! We are still awaiting the patent grant for our pants detecting technology (PDT) so we can have “the right to exclude others from making, using, offering for sale, or selling” our invetion.

  2. The Patterson video is much more convincing to me than this photo. The fur in the Patterson footage flows right and you can see muscle’s in the thigh region moves as the creature walks away.

  3. @Kevin, Putting the Patterson/Gimlin Bigfoot and the Trailcam Bigfoot debate aside there other reasons that the Patterson/Gimlin is a stronger piece of evidence.
    1) Time; Patterson is a film not a single snapshot.
    2) Daylight; Patterson film is shot in broad daylight.
    3) Quality; the film quality is a much higher resolution than a Trailcam.

    So, just from the standpoint of media, the two are incomparable. Unless your being facetious and you really mean, “The patterson Bigfoot is just as FAKE as this one.” Well then, that’s another debate altogether, and you can just read Gabe’s comment.

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