Something Was In The Sky On 10-14-08

In September of 2008, Aussie actress, author, and Direct Voice Channel Psychic Medium, Blossom Goodchild predicted that UFOs would appear over Alabama on October 14th, 2008.

People got quite excited. An album was made. October 14th came and went. Nothing much happened.

Over a year later, a comment on WhalesInSpace from someone who had photos of something they had seen in the sky over Israel on October 14th, 2008 brings Goodchild’s prediction back to a post on this site.

I was wandering for a while about what I saw ,actually, I’m always looking at the sky… looking for something…. J
And I remember that at that period I saw something like a small rainbow over a specific place for about a week , I saw it in the same area above the sea and use to see it on my way to work throe the window glass of my car , I remember thinking to myself “it is interesting , don’t look like a usual cloud…”

Now ,I’m not a religious person but it is interesting to point out that it was a holiday in Israel called “Yom Kippur” , everyone was fasting , the majority ,not driving cars ,Not eating not drinking don’t turn on electrical instruments (maybe that was why I saw it …) and thinking about the year that has passed and hope that god will forgive them, it is said that the holy spirit is in the skies at that special day and that the skies actually open up to hear the prayer of the people, how appropriate!

At morning I looked at the sky and saw suddenly again what I have seen the whole week, like a big dot of rain bow but it started expanding immediately I called my neighbor who saw it too and thought it is something over the sea that was reflecting on the clouds, we live on the Carmel mountain and somehow it looked far from the water and if there was something over there I don’t think I would have seen it throe my window it’s too high and too far.

since I’m a student in :” ramtha’s school of enlightenment ” I remember hearing something he said about it in one of the lectures he gave and I have a lot of cod’s about them, after a few days I picked up random ally one of those cd’s and the second trek was about it !

I don’t want to speak on his behalf so I will just say what I understood and remember from it , it’s a fold in time space , (for me it looked like a window) In which a higher entities of higher civilization’s are sort of like “down loading” or going thrue , if you will, they are coming , to assist use in due time ( 2012 I think…), this explanation when I heard it, gave me the Chile only because it felt so right.

I also sent it to a photographer friend ( only to “hush” the logic side in my brain) he saw it and said it’s a well known phenomena called ” blaze” or flash” or something..when a shiny object reflects on the clouds, I didn’t see any object not in the sea not anywhere and not even a cloud which was reflected upon,
Look at the picture there are no clouds near the “square”)
I was very excited about my experience and sent the pictures to everyone I knew and just kind of forgot about it, because no one really responded in an interesting way.

After a year or so , I came across the site of the “gold ring” and the videos of “THE WHITE WINGED COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS OF NINE”, and “zing dad”, one day I came across a video telling about 01-08 and almost fell of my chair! Everybody expected something! Wow! I remember sending some mails to contact I saw there but no reply so I figured maybe it’s a sigh for me only and I should be happy and continue in my way..

The last week I received a newsletter from “ramtha’s school of enlightenment” it had some information about ufo’s , and specifically the green fire balls, It had a link to your web site , I started reading the articles there and suddenly saw, again, 10-08 , it’s interesting some one year and more after to see the fluid articles with a lot of emotions inside , enthusiasm, excitement, even criticism, and, after ,disappointment and some sort of reconciliation, then I saw Suzy’s video and send here the mails with pictures also , I’m glad I could make her happy with that.

That’s my story , I would appreciate if you will have any more information about them, maybe you saw something like this before?, maybe anyone else saw something around this date ?

Thanks any way for giving me the opportunity to send it and share my story with you

Below are two of the photos that were sent with the story.

I’ve seen object like these before and understood them to be sundogs or parhelion. The scientific explanation is ice crystals in clouds reflecting sunlight, causing small mid sky rainbow like lights.

But who am I to say it is not a fold in time space?

Do I know what a fold in time space looks like?

Could it look like a prism in the sky? Heck yeah.

Then let us add in the concept that perception creates reality. We can argue that if you please and your argument will support that it works because you will be creating your reality as you do it… But any ways.

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