Triangle UFO Over Seattle And More Western Washington UFOs

Moscow Triangle UFO Seen Over Seattle A Week Before?

A report of a triangle shaped UFO from, case #20935, from over Seattle Washington on December 9th, 2009.

The rounded corners of the triangle shape remind me of the object seen about a week later over Russia.
The Russian object had no reported lights like the Seattle one did.

Could it be the same object seen hovering over Moscow?

my friend and I were driving North 15th ave nw and saw a traangle shape object with 4 lights hovering over the road.It was in a shape of a triangle with a light on each point and a light in the middle. The triangle edges were rounded, not a sharp point. the lights in each corner were off whit and circular in shape. The circular light in the center seemed brighter. It hovered over the road for over a minute. We pulled over and turned around to watch it stop hovering and travel SW towards West seattle. At first we thought it might be an airplane but ruled that out bc there were no flashing lights on it and it seemed way to low and far from the airport. then we thougt it might be a helicopter but as we got closer and then directly under it and realized that it wasn’t a helicopter. I felt scared bc I couldn’t find an explanation for what it could be. My friend was in aww and couldn’t believe what we were seeing… we wanted to see more….but it began to move SW.

Less than a week before, a vertical cigar shaped craft was seen south of Seattle in Kirkland WA.

I was driving to work, southbound on I-405, in North Kirkland. It was a very clear sky, and I noticed a vertical, cigar shaped, cylindrical object that was very bright. It looked white to the naked eye. I followed it while driving, and then took three pictures with my iphone. Upon review, I got a good shot with one of the pictures, and it looks like two objects in the picture. There was an airplane close by, and with that reference point I was very convinced that this was not an aircraft of any kind. The moon was also in the sky, as it was such a clear bright morning, and only around 9-9:30am. Attached is the picture of what I saw. You need to zoom a little up and to the right of the trees in order to see the two objects, one on top of the other with a bit of space inbetween.

Attached is a photo… which I don’t see anything in.

And finally I will add Case #21015, my favorite.
Described as a “Bullet/Missile,Cigar,Cone,Cylinder,Diamond,Teardrop” (why pick one) and seen over a non-specific location in Washington State on December 16th:

We were having a christmas drinks party at home when we looked outside and saw this thing. It didn’t appear to be reflective but was lit up a bt because of the moon on it.

I think it might be a warship, here from another planet to assess our capitol. I only noticed it when my wife saw it and her mouth fell open. I only lost sight of it as it started getting smaller, i think heading towards lafayette square.

I thought it was just something like that thing how those people said their kid was in it, starting a manhunt but i knew it wasn’t from ameica when it lit up on the back and started moving. I felt pretty freaked about it when it was gone.

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7 thoughts on “Triangle UFO Over Seattle And More Western Washington UFOs

  1. Ran across this case after surfing MUFON for more UFO reports in the D.C. area. I had no idea Stealth Blimps were so polarizing; can’t we all just get along? Ufology can be so tough to sort-out, fortunately we have Whales in Space

    Case # 20888

    Beware of false UFO reports on MUFON and elsewhere concerning the fake “stealth blimp.” The stealth blimp is a government black-ops disinformation campaign designed to dirty the waters in respect to the authentic gigantic triangular UFOs of extraterrestrial origin. Yea, there’s a website, but it’s a bunch of you know what.

    “Stealth Blimp” is an oxymoron created by morons working for the U.S. military-industrial complex. “Stealth” means “secret” or hard to see, and “Blimp” means something huge and easy to see. So saying “stealth blimp” is like saying “secret but easy to see.” Duh.

    Government black ops units (Men-in-Black, etc.) sometimes post false UFO reports on MUFON in their ongoing smoke and mirrors campaign of disinformation.

    Bottom line: Gigantic triangular UFOS of extraterrestrial origin are real, and the “Stealth Blimp” is a black ops false-flag program, so don’t believe reports about the “stealth blimp” because it’s all limp. It’s a limp blimp.

  2. I could just say the sentence “so don’t believe reports about the “stealth blimp” because it’s all limp. It’s a limp blimp.” over and over again.

  3. In the photo above I didn’t see anything either, until I zoomed in through my browser (using ctrl button and mouse scrollwheel). There are two objects, as described, one on top of the other, above the treetops. They are small and faint, but clearly there. I’m not saying they are UFOs, only that there are in fact objects in the sky in the photo.

  4. that photo is weird. it has nothing in it. welll besides the two small specks… but who knows. maybe they were just showing you that they live in a beautiful town.

  5. About three years ago I lived in Las Vegas, Nv., I was standing at an upstairs window late in the evening looking at the sky. From the right side of my vision I saw a shadow, if you will, at about 500′ elevation. What I saw was pretty much invisible, but whatever it was it blocked out a good portion of stars in the sky from my vantage point.I was looking northwest at the time and it was moving away from me silently, at one point I noticed among and to the top front of the ‘shadow’ a white light or window that was moving with the dark mass. I could not relly discern a geometric shape to the object(?) as ut moved out of my vision on a northwest tack.

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