SETI Will Send Your Message Into Space

Send Your Message Into Space

SETI has spent decades looking for radio signals with no results, so they have decided a new approach…
SETI is taking suggestions.

To mark SETI’s 50th anniversary, 5,000 messages will be sent into space via a radio telescope. The messages can be up to 40 words, and can say anything you like – greetings, warnings, confessions, jokes. A selection of the messages will also be featured in Paul Davies’s The Eerie Silence: Renewing Our Search for Alien Intelligence, a new book about our search for extraterrestrial life. The promotion is being sponsored by Penguin UK and National Science and Engineering Week.

Want your message sent into space?
Submit your message of no more than 40 words at or submit your message below.
And don’t forget to leave your suggestions in the comments.

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4 thoughts on “SETI Will Send Your Message Into Space

  1. I just sent my message to SETI. It was this:

    \m/ Slayer!!! \m/

    I’m reading a book by Seth Shostak from SETI, right now, actually.

  2. How long will it be before we can read a person thoughts. This may take a while, but in a few hundred years we the human race will be able to do this… If we can read a person thoughts in a few hundred year. Extraterrestrial Existence can do this now. In fact every one mind on this entire planet at once.

    Extraterrestrials are here and have been on this planet for thousands of years. This is the truth…

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  4. (”Ok Here Is The Message I Just Sent Into Space Here It Is”) Hello From The ”Planet Earth” My Name is ”Brandon Keys”. I am Sending this message to those who maybe out there in the Distant Reaches of Deep Interstellar Space and I love it, it signifies that we are becoming a ”Galactic Interstellar Civilization” and tells others out there that we have arrived and where here this is to say that we have Advance towards ”Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Physics,” and the. Possiblity of creating and Building the ”Warp Drive Engine” our Mathamatics and Science are advancing towards a point so that someday within the Near future we could too also Trasverse and Star Trek across the Field of Space. We here may have Fueds and Geo-Political Differences and even Differences of Beliefs we still see ourselves as One and someday we too will have a ”United Earth” type of ”International Starfleet Agency and Program” here on Earth but I believe that we are just now begining to breakout out of Our Civilization’s Infancy and soon will be able to grow out of our ”Adolescent Habits and Behaviors” of Our Own. Someday we will be able long after ”Our Planet’s Conflicts and Our Planets Wars” that somday we can set aside each and everyone of our many Geo-Political Differences and even Differences of Beliefs and come together as a ”United People” and we will be able to even ”Develop Starship and Vehicles” that can be able to Travel to Other Star System within the ”Galaxy” itself.

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