UFOs Over (Insert Your Town Here)

This post began as I started collecting several UFO videos.

The one below from February 9th over New York is 6 minutes and 22 seconds of riveting little white dots crawling around a blue oval, some times flashing but looking more like paramecium than alien craft

Or if you want somewhere more Irish, a story of UFO filmed over Drogheda from the Drogheda Independent. The story of a UFO sighting by John Smith, who lives off Marley’s Lane who got 7 minutes of video of the New Years Eve UFOs as the cruised across the Irish sky.

“The Drogheda Independent has seen this footage and it makes for quite compelling, if not exactly conclusive, viewing. ”

And what about your home town? What do you get if you search YouTube for “UFO over (Insert Your Town Here)?

Lets try ‘my town’, Olympia, Washington, once described by a good friend of mine as an enclave of cultural vivacity located extremely close to lots of water.

Nothing outrageous comes up on YouTube. These two from April 24th 2009 are a bit interesting.

Two videos, that look very similar from two slightly different angles uploaded to two different accounts?

Most likely someone was trying to create a little UFO over Olympia WA buzz and fell a little short in their execution.

The town I was born in Waverly, Iowa comes up with a blank on YouTube, but a little Googling brought me this interesting news story from 1897 from a town near Waverly.


“Waterloo, Iowa April 17 – This region is much excited over an airship or a large vessel designed to leave the impression that it is a flying machine.”

“It was first observed here at dawn yesterday (April 16, 1897). The stranger in charge says it is a flying machine and he landed here to make some repairs and that he will resume his voyage in the air to-day. He keeps all people at a distance of several hundred yards from the machine and therefore many do not credit his story, but think it is a fake designed to create a sensation.”

“Just what object the man has to gain is a mystery, as he has not asked for money from the hundreds who have visited the field to take a look at the thing.”

“The structure is about 40 feet long (13 meters), constructed like a giant cigar, with wing-like
attachments on the sides and a steering apparatus in the rear.”

“The whole is surmounted by a cupola, or lookout cabin, on the roof. The queer craft appears to be built of canvas and to be heavily varnished.”

“A pipe leading from the cone constantly emits vapor, as if the motive power were steam. The man in charge is a stranger hereabouts and carries a rifle to keep the people from too closely examining the machine. He secured permission from the farmer upon whose land he is to keep the machine there for a few days.”

“The man says he is on a voyage around the world but was forced to alight for repairs and that if the people do not believe he can fly through the air they can wait and he will give them a free exhibition.”

(See the Evening Times of Pawtucket, Rhode Island
for April 17, 1897, page 6.)


A 40 foot cigar with wings in a Iowa farmers field in 1897?

Anyways… What about you? UFOs over your home town?

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One thought on “UFOs Over (Insert Your Town Here)

  1. I am from Waverly, IA as well. My grandmother and grandfather used to tell me a story about how they and several other people witnessed a UFO over Waverly years ago. She even called the local Air Force Base (since closed) to inquire. They wanted to send people out but she wouldn’t let them because she was worried about what the neighbors would say. They finally talked her into letting them come out, but she insisted they wear plain clothes instead of militay uniforms. i remember her telling me that there were quite a few witnesses and I believe it happened on a couple of occasions.

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