Gliese 710

Worried about objects falling from the sky in 2012?

How about Aphophis – Asteroid 2004 MN4, As it will pass by the Earth both in 2029 and 2036?

Well how about Gliese 710? First, its not a hunk of space rock, its an entire star, an orange dwarf, that according to a new report has an 86% of brushing up against our Oort Cloud sometime within the next 1.5 million years.

If Gliese 710 has its own version of an Oort Cloud, objects in that cloud could come flying through our inner solar system, slamming into planets and moons and causing all sorts of problems. Even if it doesn’t, it could disrupt comets and chunks of space stuff in our Oort Cloud and send them tumbling our way.

The odd thing about this is the ‘within 1.5 million years’. Does that mean maybe tomorrow and maybe in 1.4 Million years.

Remember, 1.5 million years ago, Homo erectus was walking around on two feet pretty much like we do today.

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