Bottled Ghosts For Sale

For sale: ‘Two captured ghosts, trapped inside bottles of holy water to make them sleepy’

New Zealand resident Avie Woodbury has trapped two ghosts into bottles, lulling them asleep with holy water.

‘The holy water dulls the spirits’ energy, sort of puts them to sleep’ Woodbury says.

They sold for $2,830.00 on

Good thing there are a few other places you can get a ghost in a bottle. will hook you up for $20 (it seems their order page is down right now) and you get a Ghost Certificate.

There are some warnings too

If you open or break your bottle you may experience any or all of the following:
• A voice out of nowhere.
• Muffled Moans and Groans for long periods of time during the day or night.
• Doors opening or closing slowly.
• A feeling someone is following you around your home.
• The T.V. volume Increases or Decreases by itself.
• Water left running at the sink.
• The feeling someone is watching you.
• Noises leading into or out of rooms that no one is present in.
• A unfamiliar smell of perfume or cologne.
• Small items moved (favorite items to move are shoes, car keys, T.V. remote and jewelry).
• Lights coming on or going off by themselves.
• Electrical appliances coming on by themselves (sometimes they are not even plugged in).
• Phone calls (yes, sometimes they call).
• Your night light may be turned off during the night.
• Bed covers pulled off you, or your pillow may be tossed on the floor during the night.
• Touches (light pat on the back, the touch can be warm or cold).
• Activity will usally peak around 3:00 am in the morning or on rainy days.
You may experience other Ghostly situations not stated above.

Wow, sounds like quite a few houses I have lived in.

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