Multiple UFO Sightings Over Western Washington – March 13th 2010

UFOs Northwest had a flap of UFO sighting which seem to be centered around Edmonds Washington, but include a sighting in Yelm, Washington.

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Between 7pm and 8pm on March 13th, 2010, multiple reports of UFOs were seen near and around Edmonds Washington, which is located about 20 miles North of Seattle.

At least 10 people saw unidentified lights, described as reddish and orange in color, float through the Northwest sky. One witness reported a faint hum when the objects passed over head.

These objects match other reports of ORBLs (Orange Ball of Lights) that have been seen all over the world (especially popular in the UK) in the last several years. Some skeptics get caught up in the Orange Balls of Light Chinese Lantern Theory (ORBLCLT), which may explain some of the sightings, but I honestly don’t believe it explains all of them.

I was looking out the front window of our house and saw a group of bright unusual lights. They of orange color in the sky. My husband saw them too. The lights were moving in a group in a northwesterly direction and didn’t look like anything we had ever seen. We can see a distance across a park toward Mountlake Terrace from our window, and we saw another group of lights coming toward us. There were about 5 in the group. When they got overhead, one of the lights did a circle back toward another light and made a trail of light where it had been. It was like a little curly cue of orange in the sky. Then a single light came last. It was the strangest thing.

MUFON has a possibly related sighting on record at 10:15 PM the same night from Sunnyside WA, over 200 miles to the South East. That report is also of two dark, orangish brown balls moving East/North East.

MUFON Event ID 22814

At 10:15pm I stepped out to smoke, and looked up and from behind what was obscured by a large tree came two dark, orangish brown balls that were faintly lit. They moved E-NE, slowly, over my house, and I lost sight of them. As they came from behind the tree, one was behind the other, and then they shifted to side by side. I perceived them to be very low, and though it may have been traffic, there was a whisping type sound. At first I thought it was perhaps an advertising light, but there are no car lots for many miles (40 I think) and no clouds either. There is a military zone not too far from here, in the same direction.

In addition to the 10 reports from near Edmonds and the Sunnyside report, a report from Yelm, Washington, some 75 miles to the South of Edmonds at 8 pm the same night may or may not be related, but is certainly of interest.

A single white light this time, moving to the east.

I saw a solid light much brighter than stars on a clear night around 8:00 PM, March 13, 2010. I saw the light in the sky to the northeast. The light was seen at about 25 degrees off of the horizon, but I could not determine distance. The light appeared to be moving very slowly to the east. The color was white, with no change in luminosity or color. After about 5 to 7 seconds of observing light, the light gradually, but rapidly accelerated toward the east. As it did so, the luminosity diminished quickly. After about 4 seconds acceleration time the object was no longer visible. I then went inside of house for about 2 minutes and came back outside and looked toward sky again. The object (light) was not visible. Suddenly, appearing at about the same place as where the light was initially observed, a bright light (maybe two to three times brighter than the original light) appeared for about a second, almost like a flash and then disappeared. No photos or video were taken. The size of the light/object was not discernible.

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One thought on “Multiple UFO Sightings Over Western Washington – March 13th 2010

  1. i thought i was the only one here, i saw this one last night, or should i say 3 AM this morning May 6, 2010, i was awoken from a dead sleep to see this orange light through my windows with a strange but distinct humming sound, i opened my door and looked outside to see a large ball of light in the sky, it definately didn’t look like a star, it was pulsing with orange light and it was just sitting above the tree lines, i walked toward it and it got dimmer the closer i walked to it, i got close enough to see the shape of the ship, which looked like a Celtic cross with lights on the ends and the middle where the lines intersect, i had my iPod in my pocket because music helps me fall asleep faster, and this has a camera feature to it so i pulled it out keeping my eyes on it the whole time, but before i could turn it on it disappeared before my eyes, like it had some sort of cloaking device…and just for the record that wasn’t the first UFO i’ve seen before.

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