Weird Hum Haunts Vashon Island WA Residents

Residents of Vashon Island in the Puget Sound of Washington State have been reporting a strange unidentified hum for years and no one seems to know what it is.

Scientists and the local utility company don’t know the cause.

Could it be connected to the June 1947 ‘Maury Island incident’, when Harold A. Dahl and his son saw several “doughnut-shaped objects” while on a boat off the shore of Maury Island, near Vashon Island? Dahl’s story is that one of the ships appeared to be flying erratically and possibly crashed into the Puget Sound near Vashon Island.

The hum is described as a very low persistent low-frequency pure tone that people have heard all across the Island.

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One thought on “Weird Hum Haunts Vashon Island WA Residents

  1. The humming comes from a new form of electro magnetic navigation system similar to H.A.R.R.P based off of Tesla ‘s work for Banger Trident missile systems & it is known to beach whales and cause havoc on birds migrational patters. KVI is the only salt marsh of its kind on Vashon & you can hear the humm of a regular antennae for the company there. We also used to base missile defense for the Air Force a little known fact. I have traveled through the old missile silos. There are also stories of a Giant Octupus that resides on the fake reef at a popular diving spot an entrance to a giant underwater cave that tentacles and boats w machine guns & helicopters chased me & a diving buddy away from. Hope this info helps. I have lived on Vashon my whole life.

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