Missile UFO Over Over Newfoundland Canada

A post by Scott C. Waring, author of Dragons of Asgard
& UFO Sightings of 2006-2009 (to be release May 15th) caught my attention. A report of a missile like UFO over Harbour Mille, a tiny community on Newfoundland’s south coast. The post goes on to quote CBC News, a witness Emmy Pardy who says they saw the object.
“It appeared to come out of the ocean, it was like it was in the middle of the bay.”

And when did this happen?

Scott’s post was on May. 4th, 2010 at 4:03 AM… even though its only May 3rd, 4:17 PM right now Pacific Daylight Savings Time and the object is said to have been seen Monday May 3rd, 2010…

Waring lists lecanadian.com as the source of his information, so maybe its not him we should be asking about what time this all went down.

Photo of the missile UFO seen over Canada last January or maybe right now or tomorrow. Most likely last January.

Except this is the same photo and report that was on CBC News on January 27th, 2010.

People who saw a missile-like object soaring through the sky over a small rural community in Newfoundland Monday night are getting no answers about what it was, although police say they’d gotten to the bottom of the mystery.

Darlene Stewart spotted the object while taking pictures of the sunset over Harbour Mille, a community of about 200 residents on the south coast of the province. She says she started snapping photos.

She then called her neighbour, Emmy Pardy, and the two women, along with Stewart’s husband, say they saw three similar objects flying through the air minutes apart, one up close and two farther off in the distance.

“I really did get sick to my stomach, I was shaking when I seen it,” Stewart told CBC News Wednesday. “We were just in awe of what we seen.”

The photos taken by Stewart show blurry pictures of what appears to be a long, round object, much like a missile, seemingly rising from the ocean, with either smoke or flames shooting out the back end.

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3 thoughts on “Missile UFO Over Over Newfoundland Canada

  1. The time discrepancy is due to me (Scott C. Waring) living and working in Taiwan. Here in Taiwan we are one day ahead of those back in America. Meaning, if it is May 4th in Taiwan, then it will be May 3rd in the USA & Canada. Thanks and I will consider correcting this time discrepancy of my reports.

    PS, keep up the good work.

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