The Squeaky Thermal Video

”This is the most important footage of a Sasquatch since Paterson/ Gimlin film taken over 40 years ago,” said Matthew Moneymaker, head of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization as he prepared to show an invitation only crowd of 250 Bigfoot researchers in Yakima, Washington the ‘Squeaky Thermal’ bigfoot video shot by Michael Greene.

What the…?


Michael Greene sounds like an ok guy. A retired Chief of a State Fraud Investigations Bureau who has a Master’s Degree in Psychology, a Court Qualified Questioned Documents Expert ,and former Investigator for the Public Defender’s Office who has spent 20 years looking for bigfoot. He has looked from glacier fields in the Yukon, to a meteor crater in northern Quebec, the Everglade swamps of Florida and the deep in the rain forests of the Pacific Northwest. Him website,, claims “You Can’t Fool A Thermal Imager”.

The video was taken in April 28th, 2009 in the Uwharrie National Forest, NC.

There isn’t even enough bigfoot in this vid to ask Bigfoot Lunch Club to use their Pants Detecting Technology on it.

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