UFOs Over Southern California – June 18th 2014

Multiple reports of unidentified orange lights from Orange County, CA south to San Diego County on Wednesday, June 2014.

Viewer “Marilyn” sent KCAL9 video footage that showed two round objects near Trabuco Canyon around 10:15 p.m.

Even More Orange Ball Of Light UFOs – December 22nd 2010

Two more reports of unidentified orange balls of light over Alabama and Ohio on the night of December 22nd, 2010.

I live in Alabama and last night I saw the exact same lights in the sky. They were very bright, one red and 2 or 3 orange, all were glowing in an oval shape. They were very bright when I first saw them but only a couple of minutes and then began to fade until you could no longer see them. It was too wierd, lots of traffic, a lot of people had to see it but I have heard no reports. Looked very large. At first I thought it might be a metorite but it was stationary, not moving.

Time: 10:00 p.m. Location of Sighting: Thornville Ohio. Number of witnesses: 8 Number of Objects: 10 to 12. Shape of Objects: Orange Balls of light At 10:00pm in the Eastern sky 10-12 orange balls of light in a formation of 2X2X2X2 one on top of the other with space in between. Did not appear to be one object but multiples. Reminded me briefly of trails left by fireworks but they stood still in the sky and just faded away 1 and 2 at a time. From the time we noticed them we observed them for roughly a minute or more. minute or more.

Coupled with other recent international sightings from Sri Lanka and Glasgow, along with several others we are still gathering information on and we are in the middle of a legitimate Christmas 2010 ORBL UFO flap, much like recent flaps from July 2009 and July 2010.

Multiple Reports Of Orange Balls Of Light UFOs Over Bethlehem PA – Sept 5th 2010

Two reports so far of Orange Balls Of Light UFOs Over Bethlehem, Pennsylvania on September 5th 2010.

On September 5, 2010 around 09:45pm I was driving on broad st. in bethlehem, pa and noticed about 15-20 bright orange lights flying in the sky from north to south . They were flying in a strange formation in the back , six orange lights made a half a rectangle in the back , while about 14 of them flew in a strange pattern ahead of them . They were in the sky traviling very slow but silent. after 4min they slowley one by one diminished. Never seen anything in the sky like that . Anyone else see the same thing?


My husband and I saw about 20 orange lights in Bethlehem tonight as my husband and I were driving home. We were driving south on 378 over the Hill to Hill Bridge and saw a cluster of lights over the Lehigh River. Balloons? Chinese Lanterns? We don’t know. They were too high to tell, but weren’t as high as the stars. They didn’t move, so they weren’t planes. I don’t know what was going on in town. Maybe some sort of festival/fair/carnival that would’ve done this? It was really weird.

Bethlehem PA is the Whales In Space birthplace of the ORBL weirdness that has become almost common place since first reports that were sent in on July 4th 2009.

Bethlehem’s association with UFO activity goes back further. With a wave reported in 2008 that included a sighting of an “orange fire ball that seemed to be crashing out of the sky” and more traditional saucer and boomerang shaped crafts.

"Marsh Gas & Weather Balloon Apologists Need Not Reply!" – More ORBL UFOs Over Peterborough UK

Hot off the press, more orange ball of light UFOs over Peterborough UK on August 22nd, 2010.

This report was left as a comment on a previous Whales In Space post.

More orange balls seen over Walton area in Peterborough last evening 22/08/10. Lighting up the sky and moving off towards the east at very high speed. Returned at least four times, only to shoot off again. Several family members witnessed this. Certainly not street lamp reflections, lazers, helicopters, chinese laterns, hot air balloon burners, aircraft lights, fuel dumping, afterburners etc. These were like mini suns and quick. Orange balls have been reported around this area for many many years, be interested to hear if anybody has a plausible explanation. The marsh gas & weather balloon apologists need not reply !

Even More Orange Balls Of Light

What the hell is going on?

Since July 3rd of this year, we have had so many reports of unidentified orange balls of light (we like to call them ORBLs) that we’ve lost track.
Actually, dating back to July 4rd 2009 over Bethlehem Pennsylvania.

Many have been left in the comments

Just saw the exact same thing about an hour ago here in Sioux Falls, SD. Witnessed about 12 light, no more than 3 at a time. They rose brightly from my E-NE, moved in a westerly direction and then diminished as if they were moving away from me towards the north. This went on for 20 minutes after i first noticed them.
August 6th, 2010 at 1:00 am edit

Others come in on the Whales In Space contact form

Last night 01/08/10 my husband and i aw 3 bright orange lights over Langdon
Hills in Basildon.They all came individually from north west in staight
line to north one at a time faded then dissapeared at exactly the same
spot. was cloudy no sound. about 9.30pm

From Beatrice Nebraska, Prairielle, Louisiana, and Warrens, Wisconsin.

We’ve discussed the possible explanation of Chinese Lanterns, and while some of these objects may have been airborne lanterns, there is no way that all these objects, from around the US and England, are all Chinese lanterns. It has also been suggested that the ORBL were nothing more than the international space station and other satellites, but some of the formations and behaviors of the objects seen don’t match the set flight paths of passing satellites (it was nice of NASA to offer that explanation).

And what do I think they are? I don’t know. I’m still pushing the giant flying bioluminescent dinosaurs theory, but even that doesn’t match all the descriptions.

Orange Ball Of Light Reports Continue – Seattle and Vancouver WA, July 8th

Sightings of mysterious unexplained Orange Ball Of Light (ORBL) UFOs continue to be reported, now from Western Washington on Thursday July 8th, 2010.

At about 11pm on July 8th, multiple witnesses claimed to see orange balls of light over Seattle, Vancouver and Olympia Washington.

While some of the recent rash of Orange Ball of Light UFOs (ORBL) could be credited to Chinese Lanterns launched for the 4th of July, this getting a bit weird.

Source: Mysterious ‘fireball’ reported over Vancouver skies Thursday night