Hundreds Report UFO Over Western Oregon

Hundreds of witnesses are reporting seeing a mysterious UFO over the Willamette Valley Oregon on Wednesday November 20th between 6:30 and 7:00 am.

Already, space junk, meteors and airplane contrails have been credited, but none of those seem to fit what was reported and widely photographed.

UFO Over Willamette Valley Oregon

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Anyone who saw this object, please contact us if you with to share what you saw.

Orange Ball Of Light UFO Reported Over Portland On June 2nd

An ORBL (Orange Ball of Light) report from from over Portland Oregon, June 2nd 2010.

Description: I saw a glowing orange ball traveling east above the Columbia River near Portland. the ball was traveling approximately 100 miles per hour. It was difficult to judge altitude. The clouds were low and the ball did not look to be obstructed by the clouds. This was very unsettling.

Additional Report by Witness (In Response to Investigator Questions): I heard no sound at all. The object was reddish-orange, not exactly a ball. It was difficult to focus on due to the shimmering light. There were a couple planes in the sky and this was definitely not a plane. We are surprised not to have read about it anywhere yet.

Note: The closest airport to where the sighting occurred was Portland-Troutdale. Skies were overcast with cloud bases at 4,900 feet at the time of the sighting.

And to add extra interest to this report, my family and I were driving back from Northern California to Olympia, Washington and passed through Portland at a bit before 10:30 pm on June 2nd. This report was from 10:20 pm.

By the time we hit Portland, we had been in the car for over 16 hours and a flying saucer could have landed on I-5 right in front of us and I probably would have just driven past it, but I find the time synchronicity very remarkable.

Mystery Booms – Colchester IL, Portland OR, Bellingham WA

On March 17th, an unexplained boom shook and startled the residents of Colchester Illinois. Below are two first hand accounts.

I’m not exactly sure what time the boom was but I was doing dishes and it almost sounded like a sonic boom but not quite the same. It was extremely loud out here and I thought maybe there was an explosion at the neighbors or over at the brickyard. So I went to look and there was nothing going on. I looked in the sky and didn’t see any strange clouds or streams in the air like an aircraft might leave. It did scare my dalmation. He yelped at the time but he whines when the alarm clock goes off so I don’t know that that means anything. LOL It was like a loud rumble with the sound of a boom. I didn’t notice anything in the house shake at all. Hope this helps. I know it isn’t much information. I should have paid more attention to what was going on.

It was just such a shock to hear something that loud, and then to have the house vibrate at the same time. My thoughts always go to sonic booms or the rock crusher blasting, but this was way more powerful than any of those we have ever heard! The whole house shook. H. said he heard a crusher blast today when he was outside, and I never heard or felt a thing inside the house. I know it was very widespread. I called Pat and he heard it, and we talked to friends in Macomb that heard it! Let me know if you find out anything!! I personally have not heard anything like it before!!

We have covered previous mystery booms, including May 2009 boom heard in California and two March 2009 reports from the East Coast (March 9th and March 29th).

Ten days after the Colchester boom, another mystery boom was reported 2000 miles to the west in Portland Oregon. At 8pm on March 27th, 2010, reports starting coming from the Portland area, Southeast 84th Avenue and Flavel Street to Southeast 33rd Avenue and Hawthorne Boulevard to Northeast 122nd Avenue, Airport Way and from as far away as Happy Valley. Local air traffic control reported no sightings of a fire ball and the mystery of the noise has never been solved.

Less than a week after that, another mysterious boom was reported over Bellingham Washington. On Monday, April 19, at 3:45 am, residents reported something that sounded “like a jet engine”.

Neither the Naval Air Station on Whidbey Island, the Bellingham International Airport and the Bellingham Police Department could explain the mysterious sound that some report to hear for on and off for 5 to 10 minutes and other for over 45 minutes.

Black Balloon Cluster UFOs Over Portland OR

Black Balloon Cluster UFOs
Black Balloon Cluster UFOs Look Something Like This

Submitted to the Whales In Space Contact Form, two sightings of Black Balloon Cluster UFOs describing a cluster of black spheres that appear to be connected hoovering in the sky over Portland Oregon in 2006. The second sighting has an interesting twist, as a ‘circular/triangular chassis which was light greyish color’ could be seen in the center of the object, seemly holding the spheres together.

This object matches a report from Olympia WA from February 2009, another from a retired USAF Intel serviceman from 1996, and more sightings from May of 2009.

I have never seen UFO’S before. But back in October 2006 I looked out my
bedroom window at about 3 pm, and saw what looked like a cluster of black
spheres about 2,000 to 5,000 feet high, just hovering over a field near my
house (community gardens). The spheres were connected together into one
unit, It seemed small, like 5 to 10 feet diameter at most. The object did
not move the entire time I watched it. I observed it for about 3 hours,
until sunset when I could not see it anymore.

Strangely enough, later on in December 2006, I saw the same object in
almost the same location — just stationary, no movements. It seemed a
little bit lower, maybe 2,000 feet. I was at the intersection of Southeast
57th ave, and Southeast Ogden street, near the Brentwood Community Gardens
in southeast Portland. I went outside and I looked up when I was directly
under the object and it seemed to be a circular/triangular chassis which
was light greyish color which held the spheres together.

I had no explanation for what I saw. I don’t know if it was some sort of
observation drone or a “craft” or what. I really would be interested in
clarification, and this is the first time I have told my story. But I can
venture to speculate that a lot of other people must have seen this thing.

Near the intersection at SE 57th and Ogden St., next to the community gardens, there is a 115 foot tall white steel monopole cellular tower, operated by AT&T. The object I saw, in both seperate instances, was directly over that intersection — and roughly 2,000 feet or more up. I don’t know if this had any significance or not, but it struck me as odd.

Orange Lights Seen Over Southern UK Towns

Two days later and almost 250 miles away, residents of Weymouth UK are seeing strange orange orb lights in the sky much like the ones reported May 3rd over Peterborough.

The Dorset Echo collected witness reports. Sighting were on Saturday and Sunday night. One on Saturday reporting an “object traveling north-west to south-east over the Haylands Estate on Portland” around 9:20pm. Another sighting from Sunday reported “orange light in a clear bit of sky” that was “was travelling quite fast and disappeared towards Portland”.

Yet another witness claims to have seen the light at 10:30 on Sunday night, adding “I counted 12 lights in all, it was really peculiar. They were all moving right across the sky more slowly than a helicopter or anything like that. They seemed to be coming over the Ridgeway and floating over towards Weymouth, they weren’t in any particular formation.”

Of course, blame it on Chinese lanterns or meteors. Dorset police said “We found nothing related to UFOs, orange lights, unidentified objects or anything similar.” and Portland Coastguard went with the Chinese lanterns or meteors story.