FORTSCAPE 2010, from Prehistory to Posthistory

FORTSCAPE 2010, from Prehistory to Posthistory!
July 17 & 18, 2010
55th Amazing Conference on Anomalous Phenomena
Peabody Court Hotel, Baltimore, MD

The International Fortean Organization has put together another amazing weekend conference of interesting speakers. Author John Anthony West, the keynote speaker, with his ground-breaking talk on the newly discovered ruins at Golbekli Tepi in Turkey. Peter Moon of Montauk Project fame will be there speaking about time travel and links to the ancient Egyptians with Ph.D. and NOAA physicist William Fellows, Robert and Susan Swiatek from MUFON and Phyllis Benjamin, journalist/artist/producer, President of The International Fortean Organization (INFO) and Chair of the FortFests and FortScapes (with co-Chair Al Rosensmyle) will present “Looking Back to 7240 B.C. at Ain Ghazaal and the Strange Neolithic Little People of Jordan’s Valley of the Gazelles”.

Saturday’s Lecture Program, which includes Friday Night Socials, costs $89 before June 22, $99 after June 22 with a starving artist price of $35 for Saturday lectures.

Contact them at or telephone INFO at 443-564-2158

On the web at

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