50 UFOs Over Bethlehem PA – June 18th, 2010

Last July, Whales In Space posted a story on 30 plus UFOs over Bethlehem PA.

It seems the eastern Pennsylvania town is a hotspot for multiple UFO sights, as an email to the Whales In Space Contact Form brought in this report from June 18th.

my buddy and I saw them about 50 objects.Around 700pm,in Bethlehem pa he
said it was prob military,I had doubts not that high in the sky abt 50,000
feet or higher blue red green and white were the colors,they were making
strange circles zipping back and forth and were gone in about 10 mins or
so,any ideas?

“so,any ideas?”…

No. These reports of large numbers of mysterious lights in the sky, only 80 miles East of New York City go mostly unreported and unexplained.

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One thought on “50 UFOs Over Bethlehem PA – June 18th, 2010

  1. I live by Behlehem in Bath, we have seen strange things and a lot more frequent. UFOs, clocked ships and many shadow people.

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