Alligators Found In NY, Chicago, and Brockton Mass.

The 1980 movie ‘Alligator’ told the story of a giant mutant alligator that was flushed down the toilet into the sewers of Chicago, where it ate dead pets that had be medically tested on and grew to a enormous size, busting out of the sewers and terrorizing the people of the Windy City.

This story dates back to the 1930s and sometimes involves albino mutants ‘gators living in the sewers, often under New York City, and usually dismissed as an urban legend.

So whats up with a recent rash of alligators being found under a car in New York City, swimming in the Chicago River, and a third one roaming the streets of Brockton Massachusetts.

All are less than three feet long, but still… what they hell.

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