"Marsh Gas & Weather Balloon Apologists Need Not Reply!" – More ORBL UFOs Over Peterborough UK

Hot off the press, more orange ball of light UFOs over Peterborough UK on August 22nd, 2010.

This report was left as a comment on a previous Whales In Space post.

More orange balls seen over Walton area in Peterborough last evening 22/08/10. Lighting up the sky and moving off towards the east at very high speed. Returned at least four times, only to shoot off again. Several family members witnessed this. Certainly not street lamp reflections, lazers, helicopters, chinese laterns, hot air balloon burners, aircraft lights, fuel dumping, afterburners etc. These were like mini suns and quick. Orange balls have been reported around this area for many many years, be interested to hear if anybody has a plausible explanation. The marsh gas & weather balloon apologists need not reply !

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