Fifteen Foot Snake Seen in Missouri

Reports are that multiple witnesses saw a fifteen foot snake crossing U.S. 54 in Pike County in Eastern Missouri, at 4:30 am in the morning.

The giant snake stopped traffic as two cars going opposite directions waited for the creature to cross the road.

Sheriff Paul Petty says no one has seen the snake since and no one is reporting one missing.

“This is the first time I’ve heard of this,” Petty said. “You’d think a snake of that size would have been seen prior but we’ve never had a report. Generally speaking, snakes of that size are reared in captivity first.”

A giant snake, much like the one seen in Pike County, eats Ice Cube and Jennifer Lopez is powerless to stop it

A comment on the report claims the snake has been seen before, that time near the Youth Detention Center on the west side of Pittsfield, Illinois, about 30 miles north east. I am unable to confirm this report.

If it is in fact the same giant snake, it would have had to cross the Mississippi River to have been at both locations. Between the two sightings, is the Ted Shanks State Wildlife Management Area, over 6,705 acres of swamp and woods, bordered for nine miles by the Mississippi River.

Could a 15 foot snake live in the Missouri wetlands and have only recently ventured out?

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