UFOs And Russian Bigfoot Bones

It might be from www.allnewsweb.com, but I first saw this story on Bigfoot Lunch Club.

The story goes that on July 13 several students on an expedition to find evidence of Bigfoot saw a UFO while digging for what they believe were Bigfoot bones in the Kuzbass region of Kemerovo Province in Russia.

And there is video!

So is there a correspond between Bigfoot and UFOs?

One of my favorite Bigfoot resources, the Bigfoot Casebook (I highly recommend), has an entire chapter documenting UFOs sightings that correspond to Bigfoot encounters. While most ‘nuts and bolts’ Bigfoot hunters want to lean away from any paranormal association with Bigfoot, we acknowledge ‘the weird’ that too often accompanies Bigfoot sightings, with out getting all ‘airy fairy’ about any relationship between Bigfoot and the supernatural. We classify all the unknown and weird into the ‘paranormal Fortean phenomenon and ultraterrestrial activities’ category.

Buy us a drink some time and we’ll try to explain.

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