Chupacabra Attacks In Southwestern Puerto Rico

Are recent reports of the 'Gargoyle' Chupacabra sightings or something else?

Inexplicata is reporting of multiple attacks by a ‘Gargoyle’ on both animals and a human in Southwestern Puerto Rico. The creature has been reported in Guánica, Lajas, and San Germán.

While there seems to be some debate that possibly this creature is different than the famed Chupacabra, the description of a mysterious winged creature attacking, killing and draining the blood from animals matches that of the Chupacabra.

Reports of the creature data back to the 1990s (also the decade the Chupacabra became popular) but recent sighting by residents of Guánica and a report of a police officer who claimed to hearing a mysterious creature flying away have brought locals attention to the fact that something weird is out there in Southwestern Puerto Rico.

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2 thoughts on “Chupacabra Attacks In Southwestern Puerto Rico

  1. Oh my! The chupacabra is ready to strike again! Where does it lurk and what are its plans? We must find out and prepare a resistance against it! SAYS THE GREAT BRAD CHAMBERLIN

    1. You that is of fool form! The chupacabra is trying to warn us of the atmospheric beast invasion! Led by the Devil that hails from the greatness that is the land of North Port and the big feet species, the unknown shall murder all humans until we are forced to the woods where canabalism may occur! Oh the horrors! We must train. Huzzah I am Winston, John Winston.

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