Chupacabras Credited With 100s Of Goat Deaths

In the past three months over 300 goats have been found dead in Mexico’s Colonia San Martín, Los Reyes Metzontla and Cañada Ancha in Puebla Stat and El Chupacabras is being credited with the recent slaughter.

Full story in Spanish

Interesting that El Chupacabra has become popular in Southwestern Puerto Rico recently also.

Now this isn’t that lame Texas Chupacabras that more closely resembles a petrified fox, this is the goat blood sucking one we’ve been waiting for.

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One thought on “Chupacabras Credited With 100s Of Goat Deaths

  1. This devil has caused a goat massacre and is saying “be aware for I am squaw the killer!” we must live in fear until we gain the necessary army to murder it. I shall begin recruitment. Huzzah I am Winston, John Winston!

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