Giant Snakes In Lake Huron

An interesting report from the shores of Lake Huron, Ontario Canada.
Multiple generations of a family report sightings and signs of “huge monstrous snakes in the lake”.

I lived in Ontario Canada most of my life. I live about 2 miles away from Lake Huron. Over the years I have heard different stories from many people about huge monstrous snakes in the lake.

My Grandfather was witness to one of these snakes so was my Father and my older Brother.

I recently was in Port Elgin walking around the dock area. When I came across a huge snake skin it was about 20 feet long and about 2 feet wide.

What my Grandfather witnessed while fishing out on the lake. He said that creatures head was 3ft long and 2ft wide and with it’s neck , he said it was out of the water by at least 10 ft he didn’t really know how long it was and he didn’t want to find out .

My Father seen 2 of these snakes when he was 1r yrs old while diving of a big rock a Sauble beach . He said the creatures were 10 ft and both black.

My older Brother was diving off a boat just off the shore of Cheifs Point and he said he sank down about 6 ft into the water and opened his eyes and saw a huge snake head in front of him .

Lake Huron is over 23,000 square miles in size, with a average depth of almost 200 feet. The deepest part of the lake is reported to be 750 feet.

Huron is listed here as being one of the lakes on a “List of reported lake monsters”. has these sightings

In 1975 a large group of creatures were spotted near Kincardine. John Kirk speculates within his book (see below) that “relic seals” may have been responsible for this mass sighting, which was reported on in the London Ontario Free Press of July 12th, 1975.

“Two, long, log-like” creatures were reportedly observed in the Goderich area in 1989.

A search of for anything from Lake Huron turns up nothing relevant.

But creatures in the Great Lakes are nothing new. Bessie inhabits Lake Erie, while Pressie resides in Lake Superior, both described as ‘classic’ Loch Ness Monster type creatures more than giant snakes.

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2 thoughts on “Giant Snakes In Lake Huron

  1. hey guys/girls,

    1st like to say i’eve been looking for a site like this for while now, am 24 years and i have lots of stories about “Serpents” in lake Huron, i come from a small rez on the lakefront called Serpent river first nation. some about sightings others about hearing story’s from elders and caves and these holes that are on islands in the “whales back channel” , my father even showed me old pictographs on rocks,to add to that, ones that priest’s tryed to blow away with tnt with Canada’s native’s where getting put into residential school, lastly my brother and me are planning to get night vision cam’s and other record able devices to get footage or something of these Serpents. and yes theirs a story to why its called serpent river first nation, thanks to anyone who reads this hopefully one day i can share findings and the world will know .

    1. Back in the early 80s i seen this creature that look like a platypus and turtle combo except it was a long body about 6 ft and look like long hair growing on its body . this was in between honey harbour and waubaushene ont near a island we called big mary island we fished there many times for what we thought was a big musky . i wonder now if it wasn’t one of those relic seals? but i can’t find a image. if you can help out with that it would be great

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