Headless Animals Found In Miami Neighborhood

On the morning of Thursday, October 21st, over dozen goats, cats and different types of birds were found between the two blocks of 16th Terrace and 15th Terrace on 34th Avenue in Miami Florida, in various states of decay, all with their heads removed.

Miami Police believe the dead animals may have been part of the religious ritual Santeria, which usually does not involve cats. It is also reported that there was also a “very large” animal that no one could identify.

View more news videos at: http://www.nbcmiami.com/video.

SanterĂ­a is a system of beliefs that merge the Yoruba religion (brought to the New World by slaves imported to the Caribbean to work the sugar plantations) with Roman Catholic and Native Indian traditions. These slaves carried with them various religious traditions, including a trance for communicating with their ancestors and deities, animal sacrifice and sacred drumming.

Or could it have been… Cattle Rustlers From the Sky?

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3 thoughts on “Headless Animals Found In Miami Neighborhood

    1. Bigfoot may very well exist.Contrary to what some may think, there is nothing stfcneiiically impossible about the existence of Bigfoot. The fairly recent discovery of a new species of antelope in Vietnam comes to mind. It is an example of a large mammal, living in a densely populated country, that was utterly unknown to science until 1997!People who dismiss the possibility of Bigfoot’s existence without examining the evidence sound every bit as silly as people who would believe in Bigfoot without knowing anything about it.

  1. I am convinced that this is the doing of an atmospheric BEAST. This is a showing of the power they posses and are taunting us. They are saying look at what we are capable of, they struck with out notice. Perhaps one is feeding on us all and we don’t know it. What a humiliated race we would be. We must prepare. Huzzah I am Winston, John Winston.

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