Green Triangle UFO And White Fireball UFO Play Bumber Cars Over Florida

On November 13, 2010, two witness watched a white fireball UFO repeatedly collide with a mysterious green triangle UFO over SR 528 in Florida, east of Orlando.

The encounter was reported to MUFON and is posted as MUFON Case # 26565.

– driving west to east on SR 528/Bennett Causeway
– noticed white ball of light on south side of causeway, thought it was a reflection
– traveled over the bridge and then noticed green triangle n the sky
– pulled over at mile marker 52
– 2 sober witnesses
– white ball of light would travel from an obscured point (behind the bridge) near the water line in an indirect path, at variable speeds to rise and strike the green triangle
– triangle had 3 illuminated side illuminated in green – 2 sides were flashing and the third did not (nor was the third illuminated across the length of the side).
– when struck, the triangle visibly moved from the apparent impact
– on one impact, a flash of light occurred (one witness to this – the other was dialing cell phone and was not looking in that direction for this impact)
– witnessed 5 impacts
– 911 was called (8:12pm time on my iphone)
– what appeared to be a law enforcement vehicle parked away from us in the median and seemed to be looking in the same direction
– after approx. 20 minutes of viewing drove away – green triangle still in the sky

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