More Mystery Lights Seen Over Pembroke Pines, FL

A report of unidentified orange lights over West Pembroke Pines, Florida from J. Green.

I live out in west Pembroke Pines, FL, the same area the individual that reporting seeing orange lights in the sky from the above “case”. While walking my dog this past Saturday night between 11:30pm-12:10am, I noticed two lights in the sky due west from me. As described in case #36119, the lights I saw were orange-ish color as well. They were stacked with a decent amount of space in between them. While watching the upper of the lights, it appeared to be ascending. I turned away for a moment, turned back, and it was gone. Strange as it may have been, I kept watching the lower light that was still present. It too began to move upward, got slightly smaller then just disappeared.

I didn’t think much of it other than how cool it would be if that was my first “sighting”. Not knowing what it was, I did a quick Google search and found that I’m not the only one in western Pembroke Pines that has seen something. That’s how I came across , and figured it may be worth it to shoot you an email. I look up at the sky on a nightly basis, and will continue to do so. I enjoy the possibilities!

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Orange Ball Of Light UFOs Over Pembroke Pines, FL – 2/24/2012

Fresh off UFO Stalker case # 36119, multiple orange UFOs seen February 24th, 2012 over Pembroke Pines, Florida.

On my way home from my job, traveling west on pines blvd, i saw 4 redish orangish orbs in a horizontal formation slowly moving, they were spread out with a decent distance of atleast a couple hundrad feet, traveled perfectly in a straight line. then vanish into thin air after about 30 min of me seeing them. Others reported seeing the same orbs of light. Planes were visible in the sky aswell and were def different.

Green Triangle UFO And White Fireball UFO Play Bumber Cars Over Florida

On November 13, 2010, two witness watched a white fireball UFO repeatedly collide with a mysterious green triangle UFO over SR 528 in Florida, east of Orlando.

The encounter was reported to MUFON and is posted as MUFON Case # 26565.

– driving west to east on SR 528/Bennett Causeway
– noticed white ball of light on south side of causeway, thought it was a reflection
– traveled over the bridge and then noticed green triangle n the sky
– pulled over at mile marker 52
– 2 sober witnesses
– white ball of light would travel from an obscured point (behind the bridge) near the water line in an indirect path, at variable speeds to rise and strike the green triangle
– triangle had 3 illuminated side illuminated in green – 2 sides were flashing and the third did not (nor was the third illuminated across the length of the side).
– when struck, the triangle visibly moved from the apparent impact
– on one impact, a flash of light occurred (one witness to this – the other was dialing cell phone and was not looking in that direction for this impact)
– witnessed 5 impacts
– 911 was called (8:12pm time on my iphone)
– what appeared to be a law enforcement vehicle parked away from us in the median and seemed to be looking in the same direction
– after approx. 20 minutes of viewing drove away – green triangle still in the sky

More North Port Devil Weirdness

There seems to be no end to the weirdness over the skies of Mike Rowley’s home in North Port Florida.

We have tried to keep up.

Two new videos from Rowley.

Written by Mike Rowley

I have a lot of weird videos 42 now , many not posted on wink. You can see them all at

I have met a lot of Ufo and alien experts since Shane my son was abducted. One recently told me that South Florida was part of the Myan empire and that Quetzalcoatl, the feathered flying serpent king is to return to the Myan empire (which includes south fla) in 2012.

i have 5 more flying snake videos that I loaded on You tube without downloading on to my computer, so go to to see links to my you tube channel and see them there.

I myself am amazed at what is going on here and how that no real media is reporting on it.

I have huge ufo’s here many mornings cloking in the clouds. I have huge ufo’s at night cloaking dropping off aliens that fly.

I have the only ET foot cast know to man, and I live here in North Port.

It has spread to Punta gorda! Call florida MUFON and see, they have been investigating aliens in the woods of a man’s house there.

What is going on?

I would not know how to fake a film.i am an high school drop out. This video is all real and so are all 42 at

'UFO That Shot Down And Lit Up For Us'

What the heck is this thing that Jamie Havican of Florida UFO Talk Radio captured on video and posted to his YouTube Channel?

What looks like a satellite for a bit brightly flashes, starting about 38 seconds into the video.

This clip is part of a new 12 mins video with unknown objects. To see full video go to

North Port Devil Dragon Clouds

Since his home was first visited by what he believes were aliens in April of 2009, Mike Rowley of North Port Florida has reported seeing ‘dragons’. At one point, Rowley claimed to see “a dragon perfectly formed in my screen saver, flying by”. Rowley also has stated he has seen other ‘dragon signs’ in his neighborhood.
Now he has a very interesting video of a dragon like image in the clouds over his home.

This phenomenon has been happening fairly consistently at Rowley’s home for almost a year, with not a lot of main stream press, possible because of a Morgan Beall’s of MUFON’s odd handling of their investigation and an attempt to label the case a fraud by a local NBC station, which included a dubious paranormal investigator and blatant lies and misinformation.