More Orange Ball Of Light UFOs, Now Over Sri Lanka

More reports of ORBL UFOs.

Left as a comment on a previous sighting.

I live in Sri Lanka and just saw the EXACT same thing Colin above is describing.
I’m not normally the one for any of the conspiracy-theory stuff, so I’m not posting it with that line in mind – I wonder if anyone could explain this (an atmospheric phenomenon, maybe)?

Quote: “each object had an indefinite shape, in terms of illumination. however, there was a bright red-to-orange glow of fire towards the front of whatever was traveling. the shape of whatever the object’s true borders or mass were basically obscured by the fire-like glow and intensity of whatever seemed to be occuring at it’s most forward-area.
an… inconsistent, fire-esque pattern
…the glowing strange object-fire seemed to put itself out and disappear.
roughly a minute later, an exact replica of what i just described occured exactly at the first one’s starting point”

I also saw two of them, within a minute or two of each other, starting roughly at the same point low in the evening sky.

One went towards the clouds and gradually faded/seemingly extinguished, the other one went toward the ground.

I was suggested by a pilot it might be a plane, but the glow is far too bright, inconsistent and orangey for a jetliner light (or a fighter engine, even on afterburner – I’ve seen enough airplanes to judge).

Besides, it moved eratically and fairly slowly (and no jet engine will give you that strong a glow at that distance).

It would best be described as plasmatic, it basically looked like a slowly floating/rising/falling fireball.

When I take the distance and estimated altitude in account, they must have been either quite big or really bright to show that well.

Anyone has any ideas?

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2 thoughts on “More Orange Ball Of Light UFOs, Now Over Sri Lanka

  1. I live in Alabama and last night I saw the exact same lights in the sky. They were very bright, one red and 2 or 3 orange, all were glowing in an oval shape. They were very bright when I first saw them but only a couple of minutes and then began to fade until you could no longer see them. It was too wierd, lots of traffic, a lot of people had to see it but I have heard no reports. Looked very large. At first I thought it might be a metorite but it was stationary, not moving.

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