Orange Ball Of Light UFO Over Crookston, Glasgow

From a recent comment on Whales In Space

last night on the 17th of december 2010 i seen an orange ball of light around the Crookston area of Glasgow did anyone see this, ive also noticed some strange lights in the sky that are a lot diffrent from the orange balls with a lot of diffrent activity one sighting included two white lights coming from quite a far distance apart one from the left one from the right when they met in the middle they seemed to disapear this was in fact not the last time i would see this activity i used to watch and see the same thing happen almost every other week. people dont seem to notice these lights i think a lot of people just think they are normal aircraft and dont actually watch them but there is some weird lights in the sky over Glasgow. has anyone else noticed this?

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One thought on “Orange Ball Of Light UFO Over Crookston, Glasgow

  1. I used to live in Crookston and one time at around 2am I seen a strange white light falling from the sky at the farmland behind Crookston. I thought it was a flare falling at first but then it suddenly shot off at about a right angle and out of sight. One of the strangest things I’ve ever seen.

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