Winged Bigfoot Sighting Sounds Like Batsquatch To Me

March 18, 2011 – Butler County, Pennsylvania
On a rural road in Butler County between Chicora and East Brady, a witness claims to have seen a 8 foot tall humanoid creature with smooth leather-like skin that was of either a darker tan or light brown color hunched over on the side of the road. When the creature stood up, the witness could see the creature had a uniquely shaped head, like an ‘aerodynamic helmet’. The creature was also described as having muscular arms and legs and claw like arms.
The witness also describes wings on the creature that were folded against its back.

The creature described is somewhat similar to other document cases of Batsquatch.

Full account as given by Stan Gordon

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2 thoughts on “Winged Bigfoot Sighting Sounds Like Batsquatch To Me

  1. When you said Batsquatch, I felt like Charlie Sheen saying “Der!” so loud to myself. I will have to do a post and give you credit for once again reminding me of another Batsquatch incident. #winning

  2. Oh deer God! Not a squatch that is of bat form! We must send scores of militia to live in the Forrest of Pennsylvania. Many may not return, but we must destroy the creatures. Huzzah I am Winston, John Winston.

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