New BigFoot Sighting – Ukraine 2011. Fake ou pas?

The ‘new’ blurry bigfoot footage was first brought to my attention on thenightmyths’ youtube channel.

After contact thenightmyths, I found out they found it on a French website

Check it out for your self.

I didn’t know the French even cared about bigfoot!

I guess they do, as a friend recently sent me a link to a bigfoot book he recommended I read, and it was originally in French.

From GoodReads description of Sasquatch/Bigfoot and the Mystery of the Wild Man: Cryptozoology & the Mythology in the Pacific Northwest
by Jean-Paul Debenat, Translator Paul LaBlond :

“In this remarkable volume, Dr. Jean-Paul Debenat, a professor of comparative literature (University of Nantes, France) with a flair for anthropology, takes us far beyond the realm of documented research on the Sasquatch/Bigfoot phenomenon. His extensive travels in North America, skillful investigations, and years of research on the ‘wild man’ throughout world history have resulted in this highly authoritative work.

Dr. Debenat’s handling of the subject is both unique and exciting, as well as being highly factual. Rather than a simple presentation of facts and findings, we are taken to the very ‘heart’ of the matter with meaningful insights and knowledgeable interpretations – – one experiences the full spectrum of learning, including emotion.

Originally published in French, the work has been translated, modified, and enhanced for the English-speaking public. It is a classic work that will intrigue readers in all walks of life.”

I think I had better read it.

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2 thoughts on “New BigFoot Sighting – Ukraine 2011. Fake ou pas?

  1. I’m no expert but I think its fake. I would think the Sasquatch has a keen nose and great ears.highly doubt it wouldn’t know the man videotapeing was there.also I don’t think he swings arms like that or has to bend knees for his great stride.

  2. I remember when that video came out! I was excited at first, but it’s definitely a fake. There is no recorded history of sightings in the Carpathian mountains, unlike places like Sibera, China, and the Pacific Northwest where there are not only recent sightings, but a long cultural tradition surrounding them. As for Dr. Debenat’s book, I’ve only heard good things about it! It’s definitely on my To Read list. 🙂

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