Previously Unreported UFO Sighting From 1992

Whales In Space exlcusive!!!

I have just acquired this lap top hence no previous report about this event which happened to me back in 1992.

One night I was watching TV. waiting for the ten o’clock news to start,when my little dog wanted to go out. So I took her out the front as she was sniffing around I looked up at a blaze of stars. I noticed some thing coming over my head from behind was blocking the stars. At first it was a V shape with a white light on the point. It just kept coming getting wider and wider blocking out more and more stars. There was no noise at all just silence, then when the rear appeared I could clearly see it was a huge triangle. there was a green light on the left point and a red on the right. the opposite way around to our nav. lights. Also dimmer white lights underneath that I took to be windows. This thing was huge and silent as a balloon would be.

It was heading toward a low hill on the foothills of The Great Divide. I know this hill to be less than 1000ft. yet felt sure it was going to hit it. Yet it silently glided over it. Which suggests it was higher and bigger than I thought. From my view it blocked out a third of the stars and I had a good view of them. I stood mesmerised for a while then remembered the dog who I found way down the street.

I carried her home and was amazed to see it was twenty to eleven and I had missed the news. with a start I suddenly thought what the hell happened out there and dash back out to be met only with a blaze of stars again I looked for a while but never saw it again. I only told friends and family about this at the time,

It is fair dinkum. ….Eric Southern Cairns.

PS I was waiting for it on the news next day, but nothing. I must have been the only one in Cairns looking up at that time. Mind I love looking at the stars and this thing was as black as the night sky, It was the blocking out of the stars that brought it to my attention!

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