UFO Report From Wasaga Beach, Ontario – August 6th, 2011

Whales In Space has been getting some great comments lately and I have been writing follow up emails asking for more details. This one came from ‘beach guy’, who commented on an Orange Ball of Light sighting from July 2nd over Lake Meade, PA.

It is posted without edit. The author wrote a follow up email stating “I have not typed a story in 20 years since high school, and my grammar is bad, but I hope this helps. Sorry I got carried away. Just saying it how it was.”

You can feel the excitement in the writing. If to you, good spelling and grammar somehow ‘legitimize’ a person’s expression of their experience, then the wild world of the paranormal may not be for you.

From August 6 2011 from 12:50 PM – 1:00 AM

After a long night of working at the restaurant, I retired to by humble abode by the beach.

It was about 12:50 and I attempted to wake my significant other to talk about the day. To no avail she rolled over on the chaise lounge to continue her state of sleep.

I decided to open a tuborg gold beer and grab a cigarette to enjoy on my veranda. The looking up at the 4 old willows at 20 feet away, I noticed the calm in the flowing leaves. That’s when serenity was intruded apon.

The sound of several urban guests echoed through the trees breaking the silence. Kids I thought. About a minute later I was somewhat annoyed when they, so I thought lit of a roman candle.

Watching it through the tree tops, I noticed it was not dissipating or lowering from it’s height. Then it came into view. It was hard to pin point a color as it seemed to be somewhat organic. It could not be certain it was a circle.
The colors of red to orange

Seemed to move inside as plasma ball would making the side dark at time blending with dark sky.

Camera I think immediately, I run in looking at the long run up the stairs to the room. That’s to far it may go away I think noticing the iPhone on the table, I grab it. Running back out I notice it moving over the building I’m in out of site.

Running through my home to the front like a raging idiot I wake the lady from sleep. What are you doing ahe say with one eye open. I respond by continuing out the front door. I see it moving faster now maintaing a height of about 60 feet, it seems about 8 feet in diameter. I run back to the door and say come see a UFO. She promptly comes and seems a little confused just waking up.

“It is moving to the beach” I say” I’m going”. This would give a more clear view away from the outside light.
” no” she says it will abduct you.

This being the second viewing together in the 13 years together, this came to mind.

Running off, iPhone in hand, flip flops, I realize my 3G is useless at night. I charge across the main road to run down the road to the beach. I have constant clear view as I run along. It is dead ahead as it seems to move along te street.

I think to myself it must see me right now.. Lol. I continue to run getting close to the end of the road at the beach. It’s moving lower and faster. Now the object is about 200 yards infront of ne over the water, lowers slowly then disappears.

It was difficult to unwind that night as my mind felt violated with unanswered questions.

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