UFO Over Sauble Beach on Saturday August 27, 2011

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More Orange Ball Of Light UFOs – Ontario Canada

JA , I was in Sauble Aug 27 and more or less observed the same thing ….. here is my report!

I was at Sauble Beach on Saturday August 27, 2011. About 15 Minutes after Sun Set I was driving off the beach when I spotted a bright red light low in the sky south of Sauble Beach.

At first I thought it was someone plying a joke, launching a Balloon with a flare under it. I could only see a bright red what looked like flame but no object. We watched it for about 5 minutes , it seemed to be moving with the wind and had some sporadic side to side motion like it was being battered by high winds. The light was moving in the S SE direction then it went out.

What I saw was a dark square , it wasn’t emitting light but appeared to be absorbing it …. very bizarre.

Being that the Sun had just went down and it was more or less travelling with the wind and going up I suspect that it must have been a balloon but I was suspicious. We drove less than a K Directly East of the Beach and parked between the Mini Putt and the Dairy Queen. We played mini put until around 9:30 and then I sat on a bench facing South waiting for my son and his girlfriend to shop. Far off in the Sothern Sky I saw the same red light again , it seemed to move North then South then after a few minutes it went out. It wasn’t 5miuntes later around 09:40 or so I spotted the same red light allot close in the NE sky, much lower , closer heading in a SW direction. It was very bright and I followed it for a minute then it went out.

Another 5 minutes passed and another red light appeared in about the same position as the original one an hour earlier. It too was bright and heading in a S SE direction and was bright for a minute or so. It was now close to 10pm and as I was standing outside a DQ a commercial aircraft went by and I pointed out o my son that that was not anything like the red lights we had been observing. I know it wasn’t a Balloon or an Ultra light or a Winged Aircraft or a Helicopter or a Satellite.

I an avid sky watcher who lives in a dark rural area. I look at the night sky an average of an hour a day and I know what I am looking at and it’s been years that I haven’t been able to explain something that I have observed. The Sauble area is a popular destination and I am sure I wasn’t the only person to observe the “Red Lights”.

There was a guy in Windsor seeing the same thing…

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