Biscardi Does Indiana

Biscardi from 2008

Everyone’s favorite Bigfoot fall guy, Tom Biscardi, has been investigating a bigfoot sighting in Paoli, Indiana. Paoli is a small town in southern Indiana with a population of about 4000.

Biscardi is there looking into reports of a bigfoot sighting from December 9th and 10th. A gentleman named Steve Bradley saw a nine foot creature standing in his backyard after his dogs alerted him. The creature let out a growl and took off into the woods. The next night, Bradley’s wife reported hearing unidentified animal screaming coming from right besides the house.

More information and pictures are online on the Searching For Bigfoot page made for this investigation .

Biscardi is often criticized by bigfoot skeptics and fans alike, but has recently gotten a little slack in the blogosphere.

I stand by my theory that Biscardi was the ‘victim’ of the 2008 RickMat Bigfoot Media Circus.

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3 thoughts on “Biscardi Does Indiana

  1. Thanks for the link! I’ve been waiting for an update on Biscardi’s Paoli adventure.

    I’ve stated this before. Whether Biscardi was hoaxed himself is debatable. I mean that sincerely, it really could go either way.

    What we do know: He repeatedly is quick to write a press release before he verifies his own claims.

  2. I was visiting my grandma in Paoli,IN and looked out the window around 1:30 in the morning and saw a tall, brown, and hairy creature it was waving it’s arms frantically, my guess probably a Bigfoot…

  3. This man must lead the resistance against the unknown! He clearly is wise and has much knowledge of our many fabled enemies. We must not fail in our war with the unknown or we shall lose earth forever, making it key we aquifer this man by any means necessary. Me must fight! Huzzah I am Winston, John Winston!

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